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Hop on the Profilfags Culture Trek Nepal if you're ready to transcend boundaries and experience wild nature!

Do you have the courage and desire to visit our friendship schools in Nepal and have a trek experience out of the ordinary? Then the trip of a lifetime and a journey of education beyond all borders awaits you.

The most important thing is that you get a unique opportunity to get to know a completely different part of the world, where family and spiritual values are more important than material goods. Here you see the development from the Middle Ages to the present played out before your eyes. In the encounter with young Nepalese people you will learn about life in the contrasted Nepal and about yourself.


The Lessons

We will be working with a lot of the UN Sustainable Development goals, since Nepal is a developing country where the background for the development goals clearly shine through. We are especially going to be working with "Good Health and Well-being", "Quality Education" and "No Poverty".

You will be well equipped for a cultural encounter of epic proportions and trained to convey this encounter to others. This is done by immersing yourself in various topics within the Nepalese culture, traditions and history and then experiencing the conditions on your own.

As preparation for the trip we will be working with various aspects of the Nepalese culture, religion, history, nature and geography.

You also have to do research for an article, film or lecture. The pre-trip research will form the basis for the research and interviews during the trip.


The trip

On the journey you will expand your horizons and certainly cross a border or two. The trip includes both physical exercise such as backpacking up a mountainside and the cultural and social aspect of staying with a host family who barely speaks English.

During our expedition we are going to visit our friendship school for 3-4 days in a mountain village and take part in the everyday life there. Subsequently we will explore part of the nepalese nature through various activities, such as e.g. trekking and rafting - perhaps we will even get a view of the Himalayas.

In the capital we will also work on social and political projects such as women's rights, aid organisations, electric cars etc. where your interest will be the driving force. We will also meet one of our friendship schools.


Requirements for the students

You must be prepared to challenge yourself, both physically as well as mentally. You must be prepared for physical training before the trip (also in your free time) and you must be able to carry a rucksack weighing about 18kg. You must possess the desire and courage to throw yourself into situations that are far from your comfort zone at home - and you must have an open mind that is ready to process everything that the fantastic, beautiful Nepal can teach you.


Olav Storm


Terms and economy

Self-payment: approx. 10000 DKK

Pocket money: recommended 1.000 DKK.

Vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Cholera