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China 2024

Panda's hometown and Chinese New Year

The trip

The third largest country in the world with 5,000 years of history. The world's second largest economy and a modern life. Travelling to China can offer you many great experiences. We'll hike the Great Wall of China, which winds like a 21,196 km long snake up and down the mountains. We can try to get an impression of the more than 800 buildings that make up the Forbidden City, China's imperial palace for 500 years. We will also visit the Panda's hometown and learn the 8 million year history of this cute species. Furthermore, we will experience the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year (the Spring Festival), as the time we are in China is quite close to New Year's Day.

We will visit three cities in China: the capital Beijing, the panda's hometown of Chengdu and the Buddhist sculpture city of Leshan. Chengdu is nicknamed the 'city of abundance'. There are a lot of wonderful things to enjoy there. One of the highlights is the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. More than 200 pandas live there. You can even touch the panda's hair in the museum. In 2011, Chengdu was recognised by UNESCO as a city of gastronomy. So many delicious foods can be found in all sorts of places. We may offer Kungfu training during our stay and Chinese food classes in the Sichuan Cuisine Museum of Chengdu.

Leshan is famous for its UNESCO site Giant Buddha, which is 71 metres tall and needs people to take a boat to see the entire statue from the river. There are also more than 3 thousand buddha statues in the mountains behind the Giant Buddha. What's more, you will have a chance to communicate with the local Chinese during the tour. We will visit Sichuan University, our twinning school and play with the children in the kindergarten.

When travelling in China, people will be preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year, the most important festival and holiday in China. You will not only see the roads decorated with red lanterns, but also have the opportunity to try some special snacks that can only be found during this period. Children start playing fireworks in the countryside. All shops will offer discounts to customers looking for New Year's gifts. Don't miss your chance to experience it!

The subject

China is not only a travel destination, but also a subject several afternoons a week. You should not only choose China because of the travel, but also because you want to learn Chinese language and culture. Chinese culture is both the past with emperors and kung fu, silk and temples, but also Chinese medicine, family life, work, environment and politics. Some of the teaching will take place in class, others may be cooking or a weekly session of Tai Chi and Kong fu. We also choose two UN Sustainable Development Goals as our project themes. In Goal #11 "Sustainable Cities and Communities", students will choose an area they are interested in. It could be how the Chinese protect the cultural relics in the modern city. In Goal 3 "Health and well-being" you can investigate, for example, why do Chinese people eat many dishes in the evening (it can be 5 dishes for a family of 3 men) but they don't get fat.

If you're fascinated by the East - from imperial palaces to skyscrapers, from cooking to kung fu, from Buddhist religion to natural beauty and if you want to get to know the Chinese youth, see how ordinary Chinese people live their daily lives, then choose China.

Ning Xu


Terms and economy

Self-payment for the trip will be 10.500,-kr. 1
RATE IS DKK 5,500 + possible cancellation insurance approx. DKK 350 (optional) + vaccinations (Diphtheria Tetanus + Hepatitis A optional).
Pocket money recommended DKK 1000,-.