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Genuine local experience in Argentina

Travelling to Argentina with Ranum Efterskole College means experiencing Argentine life like a local.

Together with Romina Deltin, who has lived in Denmark for 4 years, we visit her home country and hometown.
It opens up the Argentinian world in a very special and intimate way, where you meet locals of the same age.

The land of football lovers, delicious food and loving people that has a lot to offer through its culture, history and authentic lifestyle.

Meet locals, visit summer schools, English institutes and talk to other young people.
Volunteer with children in summer schools and possibly spend the night with host families.

The trip

Buenos Aires - the colourful metropolis

The tour will include a visit to the fast-paced and cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires with 17 million inhabitants.
We have the opportunity to experience, among other things:

  • Caminito Street
  • Boca Juniors/ River Plate football stadium
  • La Boca neighbourhood
  • Tango music and dance (show)
  • Famous cafés and restaurants
  • Shopping

Veinticinco de Mayo - the heart of Las Pampas

We head 250 kilometres inland to Veinticinco de Mayo, which takes its name from the Argentine Revolution of 1810.
A local town where Argentines live their everyday lives, built on their own traditions and influences from both Spain and Italy.
Las Pampas is the region of the country where the traditional Gaucho lifestyle came to life:
"The brave and unruly man who learnt to make the horse his best friend".
Most of the national traditions came from them, such as the ritual of sharing mate (the special traditional tea) and playing and dancing "Folclore" (folk music with guitar and leather drums).

The many possibilities:

  • "Un dia de campo con Gauchos" (a day with Gauchos)
    Horse riding and socialising in a cosy atmosphere with bonfires and folk music.
    Experience the connection between horses and humans
    Rural and vernacular languages
    Experience their traditions like mate and asado (Argentinian drink and barbecue)
    The city's main social activities for young people are of course based on sports and especially on.
  • Football
    Football match/training with the local football club, e.g.: Ranum vs. Veinticinco de Mayo
    Experience meeting young people who love the sport more than anything else and learn short Spanish phrases or simply international football language such as gestures and expressions.
    At the end of the event, there will be traditional food and drinks.
  • Food culture
    Cook with locals, learn about regional traditions and discover a new world of amazing flavours and combinations.
    We taste traditional food such as empanadas, alfajores, asado, etc.
  • Carnival
    Get up close and personal with the great local carnival culture and understand the importance and origins of carnival culture.
    Make handmade carnival pieces with designers, learn to dance with the dancers and play drums with the musicians.
  • Charitable endeavours
    Help homeless dogs with local volunteers, build shelters or find them a new home.
    Make a contribution to a cleaner water environment in 25 de Mayo and help the locals clean the local lagoon.
  • Language
    Before the tour, we learn Spanish expressions and words that we will use on the tour.
    Learn about local dialects, slang, songs and music.
  • Local life
    Explore the nature in the area on hikes or by bike.
    Meet other people of the same age and enjoy the warm summer with music and dance, which is a big part of the culture regardless of age.
    Go shopping like real Argentines and try your hand at Argentinian-Spanish expressions in short conversations.

UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 14 - Life in the sea - Together with the locals, we help clean up the local water environment.
  • 15 - Life on land - We help homeless dogs, find homes for them or build shelters with locals.


In case of illness, students are taken to the doctor. We don't take any chances.

If we need special help while in Argentina, we have local contacts who are used to navigating the Argentinian system, and the Danish embassy will be informed of all our plans before we leave.


Recommended by the Danish Doctors' Vaccination Service:
- Tetanus
- Hepatitis A

Malaria: There is no risk of malaria.


Marc S. Pedersen
Romina Deltin

Terms and economy

Self-payment approx: 11,000 kr.

Pocket money: App. 1.000 kr. recommended