Travel, Former Cultural Studies



Hawaii was admitted as the 50th state of the United States in the 1950s and consists of 8 smaller islands. Hawaii lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, just north of the equator. In the run-up to the trip, we will be working on Hawaiian culture by actively working with a contact school on Oahu, connecting with the local community via the internet and making friendships with local young people.
Themes in the culture subject could be:

Culture: The indigenous population, the relation between rich and poor, tourism, development, modern society vs. traditions.

Nature: marine biology, relationship between man and nature, impact of man/tourism on nature and environment

Water sports: surfing, diving, swimming


We will work on Hawaii's historical development, from the first people arriving in the islands, to after the admission to the United States, and how WWII affected Hawaii (Pearl Harbor)

On the tour itself we will stay on the island of Oahu, where the capital Honolulu is located.


We will experience the local community both large and small, discover Hawaii's nature both above and below the water - diving, surfing and hiking in the higher parts of Hawaii. So if you are someone who enjoys studying foreign cultures and experiencing the amazing outdoors, then the Hawaii Culture course is for you.


WELCOME: Visa is included. It is the parents' responsibility that the student's passport is valid for the trip. All students must have tetanus vaccine - it is the parents' responsibility that the student has the vaccine

Self-payment: 10.000,- DKK.