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Philippines - Scuba


The major focus area for the culture and education subject Philippines is: Nature, especially around the marine environment, and the local culture.

Using these two points as a guide, the aim is for students to gain an understanding of their own role as interactive citizens of the world. Students will hopefully find that some of their hypotheses hold true, while others need to be adjusted to reality. The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands, located in arguably the most beautiful archipelago in the world. Many of the Philippine islands are still relatively unknown as tourist destinations.


Culture focus


We will visit and cooperate with a local High School and have a mutual cultural exchange between the Danish afterschool students and the local Filipinos is thus the educational main goal of the trip. In the Philippines the financial means of the schools are very limited, therefore we will collect and bring sponsor gifts from home, e.g. pens and writing paper/blocks etc.


Nature focus


The trip to the Philippines is NOT specifically a diving trip. We will be diving, but it is primarily to get students to focus on the protection and conservation of fragile natural areas in this case - the Philippines. The students will be doing small projects, for example, to investigate how we can reduce water pollution, such as the plastic issue in the Philippines. We will be taught by marine biologists, who will help us professionally to study the data that we also help to collect from the water.


The Lessons


Cultural studies will consist of relevant lectures by external speakers. Themes include: pollution and global warming, self-esteem - how to meet other people and cultures, etc. In addition, the teaching will be based on the students' own projects, which will of course be chosen and targeted in cooperation with the teachers.


Practical diving classes in the pool & sea


It would be advisable to be at least certified Open Water Diver (OWD) or have a higher certification.



Vaccinations It is your responsibility that your son/daughter is vaccinated for the trips. We will let you know what vaccinations are required for the trip. Passports must be valid for 1/2 year after return. I.e. until min. end of June 2017.