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Choose football at Ranum Efterskole College

Maybe you are already a skilled football player who plays at a high level at home. Or you just want to try football as a profile subject at Ranum. Either way, you can choose football at Ranum Efterskole College, and you will become more skilled individually and as a team player.

Football as a profile subject at Ranum has recently agreed on a development collaboration with Aab of 1885. This means, among other things, that we visit their training facility several times, where you are challenged with the training technology Goal Station, professional coaches and hear lectures by professional football players.

Football and efterskole

At Football, students gain an understanding of the impact of football on a global level, and it is for anyone with an interest in technical, tactical and physical training. Great emphasis is placed on social well-being and the feeling of being part of something bigger, which is why team building, competition and fair play also become important concepts. The UN's world goals will therefore be a recurring factor, with point 3 in particular: Health and well-being being incorporated with a focus on both physical and mental health. We place great emphasis on the students becoming co-creators of the subject content and using each other's competencies so that everyone feels like an important part of the group. During the school year, in addition to training 2-3 times a week, both indoor and outdoor matches will be arranged against other continuation schools, just as we also participate in the North Jutland Championships for Efterskoler in the autumn.

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Terms: All students are ensured up to 500.000,- DKK. in relation to dangerous sports, by damages that are not covered
Self-payment: Price is not fixed yet (Previous price was approx. 3.000,- DKK to England)


Employee Mick Purkær Madsen
Mick Purkær Madsen