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Board Performance - Windsurf

At Board Performance - Windsurf we're going to stand on boards as much as we can. We need to get better at what we already know and we need to learn new ways of boarding. In other words, we need to "stand sideways" as much as we can. If you're into windsurfing, skateboarding, longboarding, wingfoil and surfing, consider jumping on board.

The lessons

In the lessons we learn how to windsurf and how to behave on a surfboard. And then you need to know about safety, wind directions and the equipment you are working with, so that will also be a natural part of the lessons. You will have the opportunity to have some great experiences with windsurfing and with the Limfjord. If you practice regularly and give it a go on the water, there are also good opportunities to get the "planing experience", where you really get the feeling of speed and excitement while "planing" across the water. We have equipment and instructors for all levels, so don't hold back, whether you're very experienced or a complete beginner.

But it doesn't always blow, and that's why we have to skate a lot! We do this both in the school playground, where we have a skatepark setup, but once in a while we also go out to the bigger skateparks that are within an hour's drive from the school.

The school also has a lot of longboards that we occasionally take out cruising on, and should you be up for it, we can also teach you how to "slide" on your longboard, with sliding gloves on.


The trip

The Board Performance journey takes you to Leucate, south France. A wonderful place located on the famous surf spot "the Goulet", where the local wind called Tramontana can blow more than 300 days a year! You will windsurf in a safe bay with shallow water, perfect for beginners and for experienced surfers. 

There are good skateboarding opportunities at the windsurf school and in the local area. 



Michael Falkenberg Larsen


Terms: All students are ensured up to 500.000,- DKK. in relation to dangerous sports, by damages that are not covered of the school's business insurance. See also the school's safety instructions for kayak/water activity. It is expected that good equipment will be needed: backpack, boots, shell jacket, sleeping bag, etc. You are very welcome to bring your own mountain bike. Board Performance is all about physical movement with a certain risk of injury. For example by jumping or falling. It is important that you are interested in this and that you are wearing safety equipment - among other things it is mandatory to wear a helmet while skating. But you must be able to handle sore muscles and bruises etc.

Self-payment: 5000 kr.