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Basketball is a course for everyone, regardless of level. The subject is two-tiered, with a focus on individual development and the community around the team. Shooting technique, passing and dribbling will be worked on throughout the year, in addition personal and zone defence will also be important to understand.

In the attack we focus on exercise and other relevant plays. Your understanding of the game and sport will also be worked on.

We strive to play matches against other clubs and schools. The afterschool is also registered for the North Jutland Championships in basketball.

The trip

Sarajevo offers a great opportunity for basketball training and cultural exploration in one! Join us on an unforgettable basketball trip to Sarajevo, where history and sport combine for a unique experience. In the morning you can work on your skills on the court and in the afternoon we'll explore the city's culture and turbulent history. Stroll through the cobbled streets of the old city, visit historic sites like the Latin Bridge and listen to local stories about the city's post-war reconstruction. Whether you're an avid basketball player or a cultured traveller, a basketball trip to Sarajevo will be an experience that enriches both mind and soul. The training on the trip is an extension of what we do at school.


Ammar Hasic Hegelund



Self-payment: 3500 kr.