Better shape, more knowledge and heavier weights

Better shape, more knowledge and heavier weights


Stronger is a course that focuses directly on physical fitness.

We work with many different training methods, both weightlifting, kettlebells, strongman, crossfit inspired training and several forms of functional training.

Physiology, nutrition and training theory are a big part of the course, and you learn to plan your own training programme and manage your own diet.

The course is not only for those who are already in good shape, it is for all those who want to work actively with the body and become happier and stronger

For the last 4 years, the journey has been to Iceland where we trained crossfit, powerlifting and strongman with some of the world's best athletes. Iceland has a great culture in weightlifting and crossfit, and many of the world's best athletes come from the wild rocky island.


It is a great opportunity to get in shape and train with the world elite and the best Danish athletes in training and strength sports.

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