Self-evaluation and teaching environment


Ranum Efterskole College conducted a self-evaluation of students' experiences of the school as a whole in 2017-2018.


See questionnaire


See midway evaluation


In the period from 2013 until 2015, the school expanded significantly, which resulted in many changes. For this reason, it was decided that an assessment of teaching environment was necessary.


See assessment of teaching environment


Moreover Ranum Efterskole College continuously perform interviews with contact teachers, where the well-being of students and development of the school are main focusses.This is followed up on during dialogues in the staff groups, student council and at staff meetings.


Plan for follow-up on the evaluation of teaching
Management, teachers and student council identifies focus areas from the evaluation and forms plans of action in order to make improvements. These will be published in our weekly Newsletter. The pedagogical team are co-ordinators in implementing action plans.


Self-evaluation 17-18 (pdf)