Student report: Underwater paradise on the brink of extinction

This article was written by our student Filippa Arent Warming, after travelling to Egypt with the profile subject trip Practical diving classes in the pool & sea to Egypt. Contribute to our PVA (Photo, Video & Article) competition.

35 degrees and a high UV is nothing to complain about. The diving students from Ranum Efterskole certainly don't think so. With crystal clear water, colourful coral reefs and a rich marine life, Sharm El Sheik is a true gem for divers. For a whole week, a team of students from efterskolen will stay on luxurious dive boats and experience the beautiful secrets of the sea.

By Filippa Arent Warming

The time is 7:30am and the morning sun is already baking against your skin. In the middle of the sea, surrounded by an idyllic calm, interrupted only by the sound of the waves crashing gently against the boat. Yesterday, Ranum efterskole's diving students arrived tired in Egypt, Sharm El Sheik. Today, the students are ready for the first dive of the day. After a short briefing about the dive, it's straight to the equipment. Anna pulls on her wetsuit with difficulty but excitement and then puts on the rest of the diving gear. Then Anna and Julie are ready for the buddy check. "Air, check. Lead, check..." Then it's just a matter of getting into the clear, turquoise blue water.

Two sides of the ocean

15.3 metres down and a dive time of 21 minutes according to the dive computer. On the first dive, the students stay below 18 metres. Beautiful corals have come into view, peering out from the surface. Clownfish, stingrays and a majestic sea turtle have already swam peacefully by. Unfortunately, not all of the corals are as elegant and colourful. Several are colourless and dead. Andreas spots a row of dead corals and gets a lump in his stomach. The idea that the beauty of the ocean is dying is already in the minds of the students.

Talk and chat

All the elves are now on their way out of the water after the dive. Anna comes waddling in with her big flippers on, on her way to take off all the equipment. The chatter is loud about the first
Dive. "Wow, that was really serious," Julie says, beaming. "Did you see the sea turtle too?" Andreas interjects. "Or all the nemo fish?" The students' enthusiasm is unmistakable, and they happily chat about their experiences from the dive. Already after the first dive, the students have fallen in love with life underwater.

Night dive

Time: is 18:35and the students have now completed the three mandatory dives of the day. Now only the night dive remains for the brave ones. Many curiously choose to come along to see life in the
the sea at night. Diving instructor, René is going on the night dive. "Night diving is the coolest dive you can do. You dive with a torch and see amazing fish that don't show themselves during the day. When you dive at night, you also realise that the sea is not as scary as many people might think." Anna is going on the night dive, she is excited but also very nervous. The water is pitch black and the only source of light is the torch she has with her. Anna takes Julie by the hand and jumps into the water, ready for an epic experience.

The pearl of the sea

The first day in Sharm el Sheikh is over. Already, the students from Ranum efterskole have gained a great insight into the mystery and beauty of the sea that was hard to describe in words. In addition to exploring this hidden world, the students have been reminded of our responsibility towards the planet and its treasures. Sharm el Sheikh is more than a destination, says Andreas. "Today has really reminded me of our collective obligation to protect the fragile ecosystems found in the deep and preserve the priceless world under the sea."

In 6 days, I will leave Sharm el Sheik with a deeper understanding of the human duty to protect and preserve life underwater and an explorer's imagination that lives deep within me."