Practical diving classes in the pool & sea

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Discover the amazing underwater world

Have you always dreamt of experiencing the world under the surface for more than 30 seconds? At Ranum we offer thorough instructions in diving that will enable you to dive in the best possible manner.

With a PADI diving certificate you can rent equipment and dive all over the world and experience the fantastic life under the surface. The school pays for the training and students will pay for certification and materials.

You can choose between Diving Malta or Diving Egypt in period 1.

Diving: Egypt and Malta

For many years the diving team has been travelling to these destinations to dive, since they are well known for their fantastic experiences under the surface. At these destinations Ranum Efterskole College works with local, professional diving centers and instructors.

As a student you have different opportunities, depending on your previous diving experiences. Most of the students obtain two certifications as part of the profile subject. At Ranum Efterskole College we follow the curriculum of the organisation PADI, which is the world's largest diving organisation. Students who choose diving at Ranum Efterskole College will therefore be able to dive in the entire world and keep getting unforgettable experiences after they finish the course.

If you have no previous diving experience you will begin with taking a PADI Open Water Diver course (OWD). The OWD course is a basic course and after ending the course you will have learned all the basics of diving and therefore be ready to explore the world under water, with everything it entails; shipwrecks, grottoes and animal life.

The next certificate is the Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD), which the students will do right after the OWD. This course provides the students with a deeper knowledge about various forms of diving, e.g. how to dive to a depth of 30 meters. If you already have the OWD/AOWD certificate (or another similar certificate), we still have something to offer you, like for example the Rescue Diver or another specialised certificate like the Nitrox certificate. Some students even manage to begin their Divemaster training at Ranum Efterskole College, which gives you the possibility to work professionally with diving.

At Ranum Efterskole College the course is based on alternate lessons with diving theory and practical exercises in the indoor swimming pool. The fact that we focus our time before the trip on training in the swimming pool ensures that we have as much time as possible to train our abilities. In that way we are ready to get the most out of diving in open water during the trip, where we will finish the course. We will learn to assemble our equipment and we will learn to use it to dive safely and have loads of fun. Therefore, we will learn how to avoid problems and what to do if they occur.

The theoretical part of the course provides the students with an understanding of not only the physics of diving, but also how to behave as a diver in the sea. We will also learn to plan and complete our dives in a secure and fun way.

Diving courses

  • PADI Open Water Diver (OWD)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD)
  • PADI Rescue Diver

Link to overview of additional PADI courses: PADI courses

Security in connection with watersport activities

At Ranum Efterskole College it is a priority that all watersport activities take place with as much consideration to the safety of the students as possible. All students and employees who take part in diving activities are familiar with and follow the security guidelines for diving activities.

Go to sea safety instructions (Danish)


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Terms: CONDITIONS: Vaccinations - it is the parents' responsibility that their son/daughter has the necessary vaccinations for the trips. We will provide information on which vaccinations are necessary for the trip in question. Passport must be valid at least 1/2 a year after return.
We pay great attention to safety on the diving course, and you can read more about this at Security instructions.

Self-payment Malta: . Approx. DKK 9,000 incl. Padi OW course materials and certificate
Self-payment Egypt: Approx. 11,500 DKK incl. Padi OW course materials and certificate.