Students' memorial letter

Dear Reader,

We at Ranum Efterskole College are going on Easter break today - and the smiles can hardly be contained. There have been many highlights lately - for example, our basketball team came second at the DM in efterskolebasket.

In addition, we have spent the small three-day week on various social events. Monday was spent at Fårup Sommerland, Tuesday at the wedding, and Wednesday at the Easter hunt and spring cleaning.

But this newsletter will be different. Some of the students at the school have entrusted us with their best memories of the school year so far, as we now round the 3/4 part mark for the year. So here you will get the opinions of the students reflecting on their best memory so far.

Very good reading.

David, "A Day in the Room"

I can't remember exactly when, but it was in a room with my friends. Then I zoned out a bit, and then a feeling of joy and sadness hit, at the same time, I don't quite know how to explain it. It was such a gut-wrenching feeling.

There was a joy in the fact that there was still time left to create memories with those I was sitting with, inside that room. But I was also saddened by the fact that I was going to lose it again, too, and that it would all stop. That feeling in the room was wild, and when I think back, it's such a clear memory that I just remember so vividly of course

David is seen here, on the right of the photo.

Johanne, "A trip to Livø"

"I think it was in one of the first weeks. We were going to have a 'Home to (Contact) Teacher Day', but my contact teacher, Andreas Latz, he lives in Flensburg, so we couldn't just go to his house.

And then they had decided that our whole family group should go sailing. So we all sailed to Livø, and then we had a barbecue over there.

And then someone jumped into the water, it was Martinus. He was just in his underwear, and then just in. But it was really cold, I was really cold, so I don't know how he did it.

I just think that day was very special because we were really bonding in some way. So we were three people on each boat, and then we just sat there. And waiting, because it took a really long time, and well my boat was just slow. So there was a lot of bonding. So yeah, it was really nice, it's probably my best memory so far."

Rebecca, "The Birthday Feeling"

"On my birthday, the boys stood ready at the breakfast table, in a neat row. And then they all said happy birthday to me, and then they all gave me a hug. And then I was very happy. Then they organised bowling afterwards, and it was just a mega cool birthday.

Well I'm just so glad I convinced my parents I could keep it (my birthday) here, and not at home. It was the coolest day of the school year because I got a different birthday that you don't forget and that was just really special. So it's a really unique memory for me."

Photos from the birthday party, Rebecca seen bottom left.

Noah, "Surf trip to Spain"

"My best memory of the year so far was my first surf trip to Spain.

We got to surf twice a day for a week and it was just mega awesome and the waves were amazing. The weather was great and the water was warm and we actually just had a great team.

We had a great team. I remember it especially because we always had fun. And then all of a sudden I was travelling without family, and with friends, which was just really special."

Pictures from the surf trip to Spain

Mie, "The most awkward first meeting"

"My best memory was definitely my first meeting with Alberte, who also goes to the school. I didn't know her beforehand.

And then one of the very first English lessons I had at school, I was put in a group with Alberte. And she looked at me, and it's hard to describe, but she made hand signs to me and said

"Hi Mie" - because she had seen me before, but I had never seen her before. Turns out we have a mutual friend back home. And it was the most awkward introduction ever, and I just remember it so clearly.

Now we are best friends, and have almost all subjects together, we have also chosen sailing together. I get a kick out of thinking back on it, especially when I never expected to be as good friends with her as I have become."

Alberte (left) and Mie (right) in the foreground.

Frida, "High School Musical with Troels"

"My best memory is when me and two others sat down in the cinema. We saw High School Musical, together with Troels (diving teacher at school). We had just seen Formula 1, with some boys. The boys there, they had teased us, because we wanted to see High School Musical.

But then Troels came and helped us. So we got to kick them out of the cinema, and then watch High School Musical. Then he just stayed and watched it with us.

It was just real togetherness. I think it was just really nice because we really bonded over that movie afterwards.

Troels also thought it was a great experience, he was there the whole time, and liked the film too.

It had just been a good day and it was just really cute"

No description available.

Here is Frida (left), together with Erika, who was also at the filming.

Alma, "a weekend to remember"

"My best experience was the Siblings Weekend. Because it was just really nice that my siblings came up and just saw the school. There was so much to do, and it was just so nice to see my siblings, because it had been so long since we had seen each other.

My little brother Hugo was VERY excited about it, he was pretty ecstatic about it"

And people were just on best behavior because you respected that there were siblings there so much. So it was just super accomplished and nice, and a really positive experience. Everything was just perfect, and we couldn't have asked for a better weekend together.

Looking back, I remember it clearly because there was a real sense of community, of making the experience enjoyable for the siblings who came. And there were just a lot of people at the school, so it was all just so good."

Alma (centre) is seen here with her siblings Hugo and Naja.

Thank you for now

And with that, I guess there's nothing to say;

Thanks for now - see you next week 😉

Happy Easter, from all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College