New profile magazine, cultural choices and family weekend

Dear reader,

The Friends Weekend was well attended and the many students and friends enjoyed themselves together, including on our new giant community jumping pillow of 320m2. The first concert of the year was a hit, with the whole ballroom swaying to the beat of Sloe Jim, and many students were surprised to see our new administrative manager Carl Bennison leading the band on stage.

In addition to the academic lessons, the pupils in 10th grade have been given an introduction to the bridging programme next week. Here, all pupils except foreign and 9th grade pupils are in compulsory bridge building and internships in Års, Viborg, Fjerritslev, Klitmøller and Aalborg. Although the bridge building is of course targeted at different programmes and presentation courses, this year we have entered into a collaboration with the educational institutions, where everyone will focus on the UN's 17 Global Goals in the courses in different ways. On Friday, we will end the bridge-building week with a joint workshop on the SDGs in collaboration with Ungdoms Byen. It is new with a cross-cutting theme for all bridging institutions, and exciting if the students experience being able to link their experiences to the teaching at efterskolen and especially the upcoming Cultural subjects.

Remember the Day of Afterschools on 24/9 from 10-17

Family weekend and Vilsted Sø Løbet tomorrow

We look forward to seeing all our students and their families tonight/morning - and ready together for the Vilsted Sø Run, where it is possible to walk, run and even run a half marathon. Welcome with good mood to the common warm-up at 10:50.

Friends Weekend
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During Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Ranum Efterskole was invaded by the students' friends - and it was well filled with 300. Here's a shared photo from the activity-packed weekend.

Diving gets ready for the Red Sea

The dive team is preparing for their trip to the Red Sea in week 40. They spend a lot of time in Rønbjerg, practising the basics of diving. In addition, a lot of time with their heads in the books, to pass their diving exams. Tough students with lots of guts!


Innovation addresses relevant issues

In innovation, the class team works on idea generation. During the week, they have made videos with their ideas. Problems dealt with "being disturbed by the phone". Watch one of the groups' videos below.

Dead man does not gossip - performance

On Tuesday, the 9th and 10th graders attended a performance by Benjamin from Skals Productions. The monologue dealt with suicide and was a very educational and eye-opening play.

Activity classes with engaged students

On Tuesday, football, yoga, basketball and climbing were among the activity subjects. See the pictures here and notice the committed students, who really give their all to make sure that it will be some good hours, on the different Tuesday subjects.

Election to Cultural Studies in 2nd term

Students and teachers have been working for the past several weeks to prepare for the Cultural Vocational period, and 3 sample selections have now been made. The final election will take place on Sunday at 10 a.m. and tomorrow Saturday there is a presentation of the cultural subjects for interested parents and students. These are very big decisions to make for each student and family, and it creates a commitment to the process that is unique. The election ends in a week. 

Our new profile newspaper is out - and we were there from start to print

The new profile magazine is out and it is filled with stories about the school and pictures from the past years. We look forward to sharing it and hope that many of you will help spread the word about Ranum to family, friends and colleagues. We'll be happy to send more papers if you'd like to share them around.

We wish everyone a great weekend and look forward to seeing you at the family weekend.

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College