Newsletter 22.6.2012

Dear reader!

The last "normal" afterschool week was filled with good time for fellowship, activity and conversation for most students. Exams are coming to an end for many, however several have exams until Tuesday next week and we are sticking to the daily rhythm to allow for preparation.It will be a lovely end and students are preparing with memory book, nomination show and lots of fun - every second should be utilised and the community used to the last.

The week has been full of activity: Tuesday evening was Nak and Eat - a fish by the lake, where the students cleaned and prepared their own fish for dinner. Wednesday evening was the last Cookery evening and it was run as a quiz between all the contact groups. There has also been a lot of work on the memory books and one group is creating a memory wall with pictures of all the contact groups.
The weather has been with us this week and the sailors have enjoyed being on the water almost every day. Thursday the day watches moved to the beach and almost all students on the beach at Rønbjerg. Dinner was served at Rønbjerg Stables where the students watched the horse girls perform. It was a bit of a dramatic evening as one of the girls fell off her horse and had to go to the emergency room. The students walked or cycled to Rønbjerg and enjoyed the beautiful summer scenery and each other's company.

The tests have gone well and one of the English teams got over 10 on average. It is not the results that are the most important thing about a successful test, but the great feeling of having done well and having achieved a goal and overcome a challenge. Taking advantage of the day guards to help structure test preparation has been a very good investment for many students.

This weekend are the majority of all students at the school, and draw the last experiences out of the afterschool year. We have organised a programme, but there is also time to just have fun, go for walks and maybe take part in the Open House at Vilsted Lake. On Sunday there will be guided tours and an offer for a beach trip and sailing.

Morning exercise is also nice

In the coming week Besides the last rehearsals until Tuesday, there is a packed final programme. On Monday, we'll hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new wing and dining hall at noon, with hot dogs and soft drinks for everyone. Wednesday morning there will be cleaning and tidying of classrooms and rooms, and offers of various activities. The afternoon includes a football match between teachers and pupils, and on Wednesday all contact groups have a final with their contact teacher.
On Thursday, after packing up the rooms, we all go on the last expedition of the year and sail with RIB boats to Livø, where we will enjoy the beautiful nature, scuba diving, surfing and kayaking. It will be a long evening and a great way to finish together - the last trip where we are all travelling together. Thursday night is the last night in the room if the room chooses to move to the attic, gym or tent for the last night. It is also possible for the students to choose to stay in the room until Saturday morning, and then they have a big task to get the room ready for handover before the parents arrive between 10-11 am. Friday night is the End of Year Gala, the students have to dance lanciers in the hall, and the boys are challenged to invite a girl to the party. This has resulted in some very romantic invitations and funny episodes. DHL has brought several gala dresses from China and elsewhere, so expectations are set pretty high. The most important thing is to participate and be there for the others, so that we have an unforgettable evening with good food, dancing and an award show.

On Saturday at 11 am, parents, teachers and pupils gather in the Multihallen for the big graduation gathering with singing and performances, and the distribution of graduation certificates and commemorative photos. The school year ends at 2pm when everyone has hugged goodbye - and goodbye!

It's going to be tough, because it's been a fantastic school year, with ups and downs on the slide and climbs on the Tree of Life, but first we have to get through the last week and make sure everyone has a great end!

Best regards and have a great weekend!
Olav Storm