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Peter Kristensen

Rikke Wulff Andreasen

Anders Brichstein Hansen

Mathias Kjær Rathmann

Cecilie Bech Andersen

Anne Rogild

Student councelling

All students are offered student councelling in relation to further transition in Denmark. International students returning to home country or continuing abroad may contact Matthew Danaher, International Head, for further support:


Danish 10th grade students must all participate in a transition programme in week 47. Danish/international students who intends to continue their studies in Denmark may also join this activity. International students who are continuing their studies outside of Denmark, will have other activities and excursions this week focussing on Danish heritage and culture. All students are introduced to different educational programmes and types of work during the school year in various events, presentations or visits out of the house.


If you are in doubt in relation to further studies, it is a good idea to contact different educational institutions, talk with the student councellors or participate in education fairs. Many educational institutions are often willing to make individual appointments that can fit into when you are free from the schedule here.

Personal councelling


All Danish students must have an individual meeting with their student councellor. These meeting will take place in Oct. - Dec. International students may book an appointment with Matthew Danaher, International Head, for an individual meeting if support or assistance is required in relation to further studies. Book via



In connection with choice of education, all students must fill out an application at The procedure is not the same in Year 9 and Year 10, but at the top of this page you can see the procedure that applies to you.

Instruction opportunities for parents


You parents are very welcome to contact our student counsellors if you have any questions or need help with you child's choice of education. This is done easiest on Skoleplan. You can also have a personal conversation with the counsellor if you need it. All students are assigned a personal counsellor.



As a rule we work together with the Youth Education Center in the student's home town.

Important dates


March 1st 2019 all applications have to be sent electronically to the right place of study. You parents must send the final application (you will need NemID).

IMPORTANT - Study selection and study selection portfolio

The time has come for students to make a decision about what to do next year.

Training options are already open at and all educational readiness assessments are entered into the system.

You should have already received a guide in your e-box, which will guide you through the admission process.

If this is not the case, you can follow this link: 

Attached to this message is the study choice portfolio, which must be completed and attached under annexes on (the same tab as you must sign in).

The students have been informed and shown this on Friday 7/2 at the common assembly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If there are students who still need to speak to a tutor, they should contact one of us at the school or via the school website as soon as possible.


Best regards

Anders (AHA), Cecilie (CB), Mathias (MKR), Anne (AR) and Rikke (RW)

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