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Guidance leaflet 9.kl. 15-16 EN PDF - Historical

Guidance_9.kl._IGCSE 15-16 - Historical

Leaflet_10.kl. 15-16 - Historical

Guidance_10.kl. IGCSE_15-16 History


Vocational guidance at Ranum Efterskole

All from 9th grade and from 10th grade are offered vocational guidance.


Pupils from year 10 (School year 2015/15)

Historical will be in bridge building in week 49 or week 50. Students must choose at least 6 weeks before which
bridging offer you want. Registration is done in cooperation with the tutor. All bridging
must be done in such a way that the pupils can stay at school! Otherwise, you may lose your grant for after-school care.


Pupils from year 10 (school year 2016/17)

Are you going to bridge every Thursday in September 2016. Students enrolled later than 1 June must choose bridging at the beginning of August 2016.
Registration is done in cooperation with the tutor. All bridging
must be done in such a way that the pupils can stay at school!
Individual bridge-building days will be held in November should the need arise. Registration via school curriculum


Pupils in Year 9 (School year 2015/16 and 16/17)

get an introduction to secondary education. There are no plans
internships or visits to educational institutions. Reference is made instead to local measures in the pupil's
home area during January and February.


All students are introduced to different training directions and working conditions in various events during the winter. If you are unsure about where to go for your secondary education, it might be a good idea to visit the institution(s) you want to know more about. Some of the information sessions take place while we are on the cultural trips, but often the individual institutions are also very willing to make individual arrangements with you afterwards.


Instruction opportunities for parents

Parents are very welcome to contact our tutors if you have any questions or need help with your child's educational choices. The easiest way to do this is through Schoolplan. It is also possible to come for a personal interview with the tutor if needed. All pupils have a personal tutor - see who below.


Personal councelling

All students must have an individual interview with their tutor. These interviews mainly take place in December-February. During the interviews, the tutor makes an Educational Readiness Assessment - often in collaboration with contact and subject teachers.



In connection with choice of education, all students must fill out an application
at The procedure is not the same in Year 9 and Year 10, but at the top of this page you can see the procedure that applies to you.



As a rule we work together with the Youth Education Center in the student's home town.


Important date:

By 1 March 2016, all applications must be sent electronically to the future educational establishment. It is up to you, the parents, to send the final application (using your NemId).




Rikke Wulff Ranum EC Peter Kristensen web Anders Hansen Ib Christensen
Rikke Wulff Andreasen
General 9th grade.
Peter Kristensen
General 10. kl.
Anders Hansen
General 10. kl.
Ib Christensen
IGCSE 9th and 10th grade.



General 9th grade - Rikke Wulff Andreasen (RW)
General 10. kl. - Peter Hedegaard Kristensen (PK) and Anders B. Hansen (AHA)


IGCSE Year 9 and 10 - Ib Christensen (IC) and Matthew Danaher (MD)


Education websites on the web is a site about all education in Denmark. Here you will also find several guidance tools. is the site where you make your application for youth education.