Ranum Efterskole – en fri og uafhængig skole

Ranum Efterskole tilbyder udviklende aktiviteter og en tryg ramme med fokus på såvel faglig, som personlig trivsel. Her kan du finde livskvalitet, få en sund livsstil og få en udfordrende afslutning på folkeskolen. Vores målgruppe er alle unge med lyst til nye udfordringer og fællesskab.

Ranum Magazine

Ranum Efterskole College har fokus på den enkelte elev i respekt for fællesskabet, og sammen skaber vi et unikt efterskoleår.


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Ranum Efterskoles formål og værdigrundlag


Stk. 4. The purpose of Ranum Efterskole College is to operate a self-governing, independent international boarding school within the framework of existing rules on private boarding schools in Denmark.


Stk. 5. This obliges us to provide development for everyone through challenging activities in a safe setting, focusing on both the academic content and the personal well-being. Students are encouraged to maintain a balance between learning and a wide range of extra-curricular subjects and activities, with sporting and cultural achievements valued equally. It is a primary objective to ensure that students develop a healthy and quality based lifestyle.


Nature-sports are a concatenation of nature experience and sport in nature, in the wild. Nature becomes the learning environment, and sports the subject in which the student develop a set of general competencies and skills. Imagination is a general expression for creativity through an imaginative learning. Imagination is an educational process that provides insight into life, and puts the contemporaries in relief.


The school is obliged to provide classes in the compulsory subjects that are connected to the Danish 9th and 10th end of school examinations. The teaching of these subjects is in the context of the activities that are characteristic for the school, so that practice and theory are experienced coherently. It is a priority that each student receives the best possible exam in all subjects, both in the oral and in the written disciplines.


The everyday life of the efterskole should seek to create a 'free room' for the students' personal development and strengthen their social and democratic competences. The school must be an integral part of the local community and have close cooperation with relevant local educational institutions and associations.


Stk. 6. The idea behind these focuses is that sports and imagination are seen as a key interface between creativity, art, culture, sports and nature. The school regard this interaction as a training and development process, in which the students ultimately will dare to seek own boundaries and to express themselves as an individual in the community.


It requires knowledge, imagination, courage and tolerance to navigate in a complex and ever-changing world. The interaction between nature sports and imagination creates a vibrant and spirited learning environment that can help to provide the individual with the social and academic skills that are needed for success in a dynamic global society.