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Road Trip USA

US Roadtrip NY - Washington - Charleston/Savannah - Orlando

The USA is a country of great contrasts. The US Road Trip will try to balance the distance between the two extremes; city life and country life and the associated nature, history and culture. In contrast to city life, we will drive through the magnificent natural landscapes that the eastern United States has to offer, including visits to national parks and Native American landscapes.

We will try to organise a school visit and highlight the contrast between the different religions and cultural beliefs in the US.

The US Roadtrip will start with 3-4 days in New York and Washington. Here we will experience the culture of the big cities and everything that goes with it. In New York we will visit Central Park, 5th Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and 9/11 memorial. In Washington, we'll see the iconic political and historical monuments. Perhaps there will also be time to visit one of the world-famous museums.

Then we head south to Charleston and Savannah, where we'll experience a completely different side of the USA, the black conscience of the US with a focus on slavery and race relations.

The tour ends in Orlando, where we aim to visit the Kennedy Space Centre.

In class, we will work with the students to plan what the US road trip will include. In addition to planning the trip, we will teach American culture and history. The lessons will not only look back, but also focus on what it is like to live in today's USA. We very much hope to be able to visit a school, where we might already make contact with American young people from home.

The trip lasts 12-14 days.

Purpose: Road trip in the US aims to give students an experience of the culture of the United States. This encounter should contribute to broadening their cultural understanding of both the US and who and what we are. The focus of the programme will be to train the students' intercultural competences, strengthen the English language and create a greater knowledge of US history, both recent and ancient. 

Organisation: The course will consist of classroom instruction, individual projects that should prepare them to visit and fully benefit from the tour of the Southwestern United States. The purpose of the visit is to create understanding, knowledge and insight into one of the most influential cultures and geopolitical powers of our time.

Content: Students will be introduced to the history of the United States, social conditions, with a focus on the contrasts in the US. We will experience the wealthy northern part of Los Angeles, as well as see life in the countryside and, for example, at the other end, the border with Mexico. Students will also encounter the political contrast that divides the country these years. During the study trip in the USA, the students will interview local Americans, which will lead to communication tasks such as lectures and newspaper articles when they return to Denmark. They will also spend 2 days in an American high school, which will hopefully create "cultural encounters" between Danish and American students.


Rikke Wulff
Peter Kristensen


Terms and economy

Self-payment approx. 10.000 DKK.

Pocket money: App. 1.000 DKK recommended



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