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U.S. Virgin Islands


Three small islands lie in the middle of the Caribbean archipelago. St Thomas, St Croix and St John, also known as the Danish West Indies or U.S Virgin Island. The islands are a cultural destination with a unique Danish history. From the stormy legends of colonial times, to tales of slave subjugation and their eventual rebellion. All these stories are mixed with Caribbean atmosphere, colourful modern culture and vast tropical beaches. It will be an experience of a lifetime.


The former Danish islands in the middle of the Caribbean offer everything we dream of on a grey Danish winter's day in January - from rainforests, beautiful sunsets, culinary experiences, chalky white sandy beaches to adventurous azure seas. We'll tour the old sugar mills on the beaches and in the mountains, visit museums that tell of Danish grandeur, colonisation and decay. We'll explore towns with names like Christiansted and Charlotte Amalie and visit schools that can tell us about life as a youngster on the small islands.


The sea around the three former Danish islands is said to be nothing short of stunning. There are plenty of opportunities for beautiful walks. We can snorkel, sail, SUP surf and come into contact with a wealth of exciting wildlife. On the tours around the islands, we will move through rainforests and see an incredibly lush landscape with a beautiful dream-like array of colourful exotic flowers.


We can experience all this mixed with a great atmosphere among the locals listening to reggae music, dressed in beautiful colourful clothes and letting their smiles dance with the local children playing to Kalypso rhythms in the streets.


As the course is brand new, it will be a cultural course where you have the opportunity to influence what we will see and experience.
The Lessons

The starting point of the teaching will typically be historical. What was actually going on during the Danish colonial period, and what significance did it have for the islands and for Denmark? What role did Denmark play in the slave trade? The aim is to break the silence about our own country's part in the slave trade and open our eyes to contemporary perspectives.


We will talk about the sale of the Danish West Indies to the Americans, and that they thereby changed nationality and language, what impact did this have on the population of the islands, how do the people on the islands actually feel about the Danes today and do we owe it to the country to help them? Do we owe them an apology?


Of course, we need all these historical perspectives to talk about what life on the islands is like today. We'll talk about classic Caribbean food and we'll listen to music from the region.


The teaching will be a mix of classroom teaching and students working together on their own, we will watch films and other programmes about the islands, and together we will look forward to an amazing trip.


Throughout the course we will work with the UNESCOS ASP programme, which will also provide inspiration for what we can do in the classroom and when we are on the islands.



WELCOME: Visa is included. Vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Diphtheria. - it is the parents' responsibility that the student has the vaccine.

CO-PAYMENT 9.500,- KR.