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American Politics, Power and People

US Road Trip East

The United States is a proud country with a history spanning three centuries. This road trip with take students into the heart of Americas story from its birth to today. Students will learn about the things that matter to American's, both politically and culturally, as well as study recent events that have shocked the world, such as the Black Lives Matter Movement and the storming of the US Capitol Building.

This subject will concentrate on the way the US is run, the people that live there and the cities what will be visited on the journey. During the teaching we will also work with an American High School on a project which we conclude while on the journey.


The trip

The students will have influence on what we do on the trip, however the main points have of course been planned based on the subjects aims. The trip will visit Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. These destinations are chosen as they play a part in both the historical and modern-day story of America, as well as being the centers of political and economic power in the United States.

During the travel we will use diverse ways of moving around. We will be using plane, bus, boat, metro, train and of course, our own legs! During the trip we will be staying in different hotels and hostels along our route. It is our plan to visit an American High School in New York State during our trip.


UN's 17 Development Goals

  • 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • 16 Peace Justice and Strong Institutions



Matthew Danaher


Terms and economy

Self-payment approximately 8.500 kr.
Visa included.

Pocket money: App. 1.000 DKK recommended

A Visa maybe required to enter the United States. We cannot guarantee that this will be granted, however we will help students to apply for the visa.



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