Profile course P1, summer school

Music is for students who would like to broaden their musical horizon. Both as an experienced musician and as a beginner. Through ensemble you will experience a mutual power which will build the foundation for "the finals" with concerts and various other performances.


We will challenge your musical and technical capabilities, develop your basic technique and introduce you to many different genres. We will work towards a common goal, which entails playing concerts and performing. In case you are a beginner, it would be a good idea to talk to one of our music teachers about your choice and your interests. On special occasions and events at school, the music team will perform for parents and guests.


The trip

The profile trips with music is to a destination in Europe. We could e.g. visit music studios, perform live concerts at schools and/or on the street, or visit the established stages. The content of our trip will be planned in details together with the students. We will be making small excursions to known "must-see" tourist attractions and historical sites. The first period trip is to Liverpool and in the third period, the students will help decide where we are going, but it will also be within Europe.


Listen to music from previous music teams:



Carl Bennison


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Terms: The students on Music must have an interest in playing or singing and must take active part in the lessons. Furthermore you are expected to practice outside classes, which you will have ample opportunity to do in one of our two music rooms, and we support the students in forming their own bands. It is through the music that the community is born and we meet the culture and other youngsters.

Self-payment 1st period: approx. 3.000 DKK (Liverpool)

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