Confectionery - Are you the next participant in "The Great Bake Off"?

You might find out if you choose confectionery as your profile subject.

In cooperation with the school's own pastry chef, you can work on several areas of the pastry profession through "hands on". The profile subject will challenge your creativity and expand your knowledge of chemistry, tastes and textures. You'll discover that building pastry is all about precision.

Pastry is the art and science of creating beautiful cakes, desserts and confectionery. The "sweet kitchen" requires knowledge and insight into the properties of raw materials, and in addition to getting your hands on the dough and baking, you will also learn about the basic theory of pastry.

A pastry kitchen only works if there is teamwork, camaraderie and hard work. This is necessary to achieve the best results and thus the most beautiful cakes, etc. This means that nobody is finished until the whole team is finished. So you should expect that some days the participation will be a bit longer.

You will work on different themes during the period, but we will also listen to what you would like to work on, for example, so that we can try to incorporate this. In the third period, we'll start in a French patisserie, so we're warmed up for our journey.


The trip

Our plan in the third period is to travel to the city of cities - Paris, which is an exquisite gem when it comes to pastry. France has produced some of the world's best pastry chefs and, in addition to its exquisite gastronomy, is also known for its pastries.

So of course we'll be exploring Paris from the point of view of pastry chefs and foodies. We will go and see and find a lot of patisseries, which in French are called patisseries. We will taste delicious and beautiful cakes, admire the craftsmanship/creativity and gather inspiration.

Of course, we'll also have time to explore the other gastronomic options available in a city like Paris, where we can visit delicious food and vegetable markets.

Finally, we will set aside time to see some of Paris' tourist attractions.

So if you choose a patisserie, you get the whole package - exciting cakes, food and the city of cities.






Terms: All students are ensured up to 500.000,- DKK. in relation to dangerous sports, by damages that are not covered
of the school's business insurance. See also the school's safety instructions for kayak/water activity. It is expected that good equipment will be needed: backpack, boots, shell jacket, sleeping bag, etc. You are very welcome to bring your own mountain bike.

Self-payment: Coming...






Tanja Engen