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Cultural trip to Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful island located in the eastern part of mainland China.

The Chinese emperor began ruling Taiwan since the Yuan Dynasty. In 1949, the Chinese government ruled by the Kuomintang lost the civil war to the Communist Party and moved their remaining soldiers to Taiwan. Therefore, Taiwan is now called ROC (Republic of China since 1911) and mainland China is called PRC (People's Republic of China). Anyway, Taiwan is still part of China (this is also written in their constitution).

Taiwan's official language is Chinese. They keep the traditional Chinese characters, while mainland China uses simplified characters. Traditional Chinese cuisine can also be easily found in Taiwan. In fact, Taiwan's night markets are once considered the best in Asia. Before the pandemic, a lot of tourists from South Korea, Japan, etc. would like to spend their weekend in Taiwan, just for their delicious food.

The lessons

Chinese cuisine and culture - Taiwan is an academic subject. You should choose Taiwan not only because of the travel, but also because you want to learn Chinese cuisine and culture. Chinese culture is not only about the past with emperors and kung fu, silk and temples, but also the Chinese medical system, family life, festivals and Chinese language.

Some of the teaching will take place in class, others may be cooking or 1-2 times training Tai Chi or Kung Fu. We also choose one UN world goal as our project theme. In objective 3 "Health and well-being", you can investigate, for example, why the Chinese eat so many dishes in the evening (it can be 5 dishes for a family of 3) and yet they stay thin, or how to fight an illness with traditional Chinese medicine.

If you're fascinated by the East - from mountains to skyscrapers, from cooking to kung fu, and if you want to meet Chinese youth, choose Taiwan.

The trip

Our journey starts from Taipei, the capital, where you will spend a week with your host families. Our friendship school, Taipei Fuxing Private School, is one of the best known schools in Taiwan. Children studying in their bilingual department start learning English in kindergarten, so when you have a peer of your own age, don't worry about the language hurdles because they all speak fluent English!

During our stay you will have a chance to learn how to write Chinese calligraphy with a brush, practice Chinese painting and receive Kung fu training. In addition, you will have the opportunity to try all the different traditional musical instruments in their music room and have a competition with their school swimming team in their swimming pool. In addition, the school has also planned a lot of sightseeing activities, such as visiting the world's 12th tallest building, which is called "101 building". Take the world's fastest elevator to the top, which is over 500 meters high, and enjoy the amazing view of the whole city. A trip to the Forbidden City Museum is a must. You will be amazed at how beautiful the ancient Chinese art is. In addition, you can also take a walk in a geopark. You will feel thrilled when you see the beautiful, amazing rocks made by nature's magic. These rocks can only be found in Taiwan. Your host families are also hospitable. You are guaranteed to be invited to try the delicious street food and visit the local great interests. Some of you may also be lucky to bathe in the famous hot springs.

Then we take a 2-hour express train to Kaohsiung - a port city located in the southwest of Taiwan. The city has a tropical climate, so you can easily find fresh tropical fruits like mango or various fresh seafood. You will have the opportunity to have a relaxing beach tour and we will also get to experience Taiwan's most famous Buddhist site where you can feel greatness, tranquility and wisdom.

The journey ends in Taoyuan, a town close to the airport. You can have a relaxing day in the city centre and enjoy your shopping time before heading to the airport.


Tetanus + Hepatitis A


Ning Xu


Terms and economy

Self-payment on the trip will be approximately 11.000kr.

Collective "cancellation insurance" 350 kr.

Pocket money: App. 1.000 DKK recommended