Cultural studies, Travel

Japan, Tokyo - culture, nature and youth


In the cultural subject, Japan awaits an encounter with the "Kingdom of the Sun" - the fascinating country that lives in contrast between high technology and traditional customs and virtues.


The Lessons

We need to be as well-equipped as possible to engage with Japanese youth culture and the firm grip of tradition in Japan, where there is a great mix of tradition and rapid technological development.

The teaching itself will have more focus on the creative skills, working with different topics, within Japan. We will work with Manga, teaching drawing - maybe some animation. We will be working on Japanese food culture, where we will try to make some traditional dishes from Japan. And there will be martial arts training in the different Japanese martial arts.Finally we work on understanding the Japanese culture, language, customs and history are our focus topics. 

We spread the subject out in small and big ways. There will be room for many different personalities, both those who are interested in Japanese culture and history, as well as those who have a hobby in the well-known Manga and Anime world. 


The trip

The journey itself passes through Japan's old and new capitals. From Kyoto, past Mount Fuji and to Tokyo

That is, through the world's largest capital, around temples and imperial palaces, past a mythical volcano, in hot springs, to tea ceremonies, Japanese traditional onsen and directly at eye level with a Japanese school class, where we will exchange future dreams, school culture, opportunities and trends for Japanese peers... (School can not be done in 2023 as we are in Japan during their holidays)

If you love Japan and its fascinating culture - or if you want to become one - join us for a unique journey that will inspire you for the rest of your life! 


After the trip

 When we come back from the trip, we work on a presentation where the students bring their own highlights from the lesson and the trip itself (For this, it is good to have taken pictures in the classroom and on the trip). 



Thea Mathieu


Terms and economy

Self-payment for the trip will be 14,500 kr.

Visa included.

Pocket money: App. 1.000 kr. recommended