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Fit for Life is for students who love sore arms, sweaty t-shirts, boxing gloves and hard work. It is a subject for those who want to get in excellent shape and get challenged, both mentally and physically.

Fit for Life focuses on physical training through strength training and martial arts. It is a subject for students who would like to get in shape and get challenged, both mentally and physically. We will try different styles of physical training, with focus on strength and condition, combined with martial arts and boxing.

We will also try to push our boundaries and leave our comfort zone, to learn that we are capable of more than we think. Additionally, we will learn how to use each others various strengths.

The basis of the subject will be the physical capabilities of each student. It is not important how fit you are in the beginning, but rather the will to develop. We will also consider the, needs and wishes of the students. You will not only experience how you handle various new situations,, but also a strong community across other differences.

We will work with training schedules, the benefits of correct diet and the importance of taking responsibility for your own life.

The trip

The trip goes to Copenhagen, where skilled instructors will work with Jiu Jitsu, Kung fu, karate and crossfit. There is also a focus on stretching, flexibility and balance.


Anders Riishøj Kronholt Peter Friis Andersen

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Terms: This subject contains a large amount of physical training and activity. We will focus a lot on how to prevent injuries, but bruises and sore muscles are to be expected.
Self-payment 1st period: 1500 kr