Adventure is for those who like to be active and challenge themselves with their friends in nature!

Part of the teaching focuses on personal development, both psychological and physical. And adventure is extremely personally developing!
You will experience a strong camaraderie where together you can reach much further than each individual is capable of.

We work with the concept of FLYT, i.e. using our body to move around in the terrain. We build on running, wool running, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, wall climbing, free diving and obstacle course. The adventure team is based at the Nature Sports Centre. We have kayaks, canoes, mountain bikes, camp equipment and a climbing wall.

We do nature sports in 1st and 3rd term and have travelled to Wales, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Czech Republic, Greenland, Austria and Gran Canaria.


Thomas Sloth Larsen

Mette B. Larsen

Heidi Lillelund

Steen M. Thomsen


Terms: All students are ensured up to 500.000,- DKK. in relation to dangerous sports, by damages that are not covered
of the school's business insurance.
See also school safety instructions for kayak/water activity. It is expected that there will be a need
for good equipment: backpack, boots, shell jacket, sleeping bag, etc. You are very welcome to bring your own
mountain bike.
Self-payment 2.000,- kr.

Link to the school's "Søsikkerhedspolitik" (Danish) for sailing with students.