Summer Camps

Fit for life camp

Duration: June 26th - July 2nd - 1 week
Educational activities: How the body works, self-management and more.
Camp activities: Workouts, canoeing, obstacle races, running, mountain biking
Price: 2.600 DKK
Age: 14-17
Camp leaders: 


Crossfitters Camp is a physical camp where you will train a lot with both barbells, kettlebells, rings and do body exercises. We combine it all, as you generally do in Crossfit (which the camp is inspired by) in a WOD (Workout of the day). We will use the body in many ways - e.g. canoeing, running, OCR (Obstacle Course Running), mountain biking and a lot more. It'll be fun and physically hard!


See the Fit for Life schedule below:



  • There is no need for any prior skills to join this camp.
  • Camp activities will depend on weather and participant’s physical condition.