Craft and Creativity

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Craft and Creativity

Craft & Creativity is a creative subject where you will be introduced to different techniques in art. These include sculptures, installations, drawing, watercolours, jewellery making, stencils, etc. The only limit is your imagination, and you will be guided through the different work processes. Maybe you want to immerse yourself in a topic of your choice, or perhaps you'd prefer to work on a larger project in a group.

Craft & Creativity is a free space where you can try out different genres of art - it can be difficult to choose between the many options, but here you have the opportunity to try out different things and immerse yourself in what you are passionate about. You can achieve several small projects.

We will look at the art around us - it can be many different things from classical art to modern contemporary art depending on where your interests lie. We will be explorative and curious about what art is and look at different artworks that either appeal or repel us.

The trip

The journey will take us to a big city in Europe where we will both look at art but also be active ourselves.


Tjalla Elsborg


Self-payment 1st period: 3000-3500 dkk.


Photo by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash

Photo by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Photo by Dusan Kipic on Unsplash