Canada Winter Life

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Canada Winter Life

On the Canada Winter Life cultural course we will delve into life in the Canadian mountains. Life in the mountains means being exposed to nature, which offers many challenges and opportunities for adventure. During the trip, we will experience this first-hand, meeting locals through homestays and school visits, among other activities.

The course includes 5 days of skiing in the famous Whistler Blackcomb, visiting hot springs, tasting maple syrup, learning about snow slides from rescue workers and about sustainable winter outdoor living.

The trip is mainly designed and planned by the students with us teachers as guides.

On the drawing board we can choose from the following additional content:

Sustainable production of outdoor equipment
Extreme weather and its consequences
Urban life/culture/subculture (Vancouver)
The Canadian multicultural society
Maple syrup production
Indigenous society and culture
Mountain Rescue Company
Animal Life
Touring on snow
Cross-country ski
Whale watching
Winter swimming

The lessons

Plan routes and destinations
Investigate Nature Reserves
Learning about culture
Plan your homestay
Be each other's guides (ownership of the desitnation)
Presentation or planning of school visits
Train outdoor living skills and physical fitness


Ann Katrine Breth Pedersen Hanga Hasznos


Terms and economy

Flights to/from Vancouver, BC, CA

Expected co-payment: 13.000 DKK (visa included with European passport)

Joint departure booking: 350 DKK

Pocket money: recommended 1000DKK