Adventure - Greenland

Cultural profile 2022

Adventures in Greenland: the world's largest island


Ready to explore Greenland - Illulisat or Kangerlussuaq? Then choose the cultural profile subject here!


The trip

The activities depend on the destination. But you can prepare for kayaking between icebergs and seals, whale watching, hiking on the mountain with overnight in tents, SUP sailing between icebergs, visiting a glacier, coffee making and feeding sled dogs, tasting Greenlandic specialties, city walking Illulisat, Sauna and winter bathing.


The Lessons

We delve into Greenlandic culture and history. We prepare for kayaking in Greenland and hiking in the mountains.


Corona: Restrictions, rules etc.

You need to be fully vaccinated/coronapas, have a negative PCR, gag during travel.



Rune Ditlev Henriksen


Terms and economy

Self-payment: about 8.500 DKK.

Pocket money: recommended 1.000 DKK.

Vaccinations: See Corona section. Tetanus, diphtheria