At Ranum Efterskole College we understand the word in its broadest sense. Being inclusive means that we want to create a framework for diversity and for students from different backgrounds and needs, because we believe that it is in the interaction with others that you develop as a person. It is a criterion of success for us that all students benefit from the education received here and participate in the community, so that this year here will be of benefit for all of our students - both on a personal level and a professional level.
We are of the opinion that it is best to work with the students in the specific framework they are in at that specific moment - hence we do not have special needs classes, but instead seek integration and offer assistance in the instances they occur. This strategy and in extension work is under the responsibility of the teacher and is an on-going process during the whole school year. We have different levels in all of our academic subjects - in some up to 4 different levels in order to address and match the different levels of skills and competencies of students.


See inclusion status 2018 (pdf)


A plan


The inclusion initiatives for students in need of such are described in writing - in an individual plan - which is evaluated during the school year. Any support or pedagogical activities in relation to efforts made, are described in this plan.
Inclusion initiatives and plans for evaluation are always individual agreements between the school, the student in question and his/her parents.


What help do we offer?


Tutoring is offered all weekdays in the study hour. Individual tutoring and exam preparation is offered based on individual needs.
Assistance in relation to structuring your work in academic subjects is also offered as well as individual meetings with pedagogical staff members.
Appointments can be made with one of the pedagogical staff members, e.g. one of the house elves.

Contact us if you want to know more about inclusion at Ranum