Written exams, climbing certificates & creative teaching

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A short week has now passed at Ranum Efterskole College. Throughout the week, the students have tasted the feeling of excitement and nervousness as the written exams were around the corner. Of course, they also got a lot of breaks from these, where they could recharge for the next ones with creative teaching and eventful trips out of the house. Can't wait to hear about how it went? You're not the only one... You can now read about all the highlights of the week in the newsletter here!

Mark your calender with a BIG tick! On 22 June 2024 at 14:00, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary with a huge party! Read more about the day at the end of the newsletter!

Have a great weekend. We wish you all a lovely sunny weekend!

Written exams

Monday started out with written exams for both 9th and 10th grade. The students have been focused, sitting together and practising thoroughly with creative games and exercises leading up to the exams.

Stand up paddle in Vilsted Lake

Although we're not always lucky with full sun and 20 degrees, it doesn't stop us from putting our feet up on a pair of paddleboards. We were off to Vilsted Lake, where only our laughter and singing birds could be heard.

Spanish summer moments

This week, 10+ Spanish finished the year's lessons by travelling around the school and capturing summer moments - in Spanish of course!

T-shirt printing

Craft and Design ended with t-shirt printing with Randy - great fun!

Project class on tour

The project class travelled to Vorupør and Klitmøller. We visited the shared office/entrepreneurial centre "Surf and work" where we heard some inspiring presentations about entrepreneurship, job satisfaction and work-life balance. We also visited "Strandet" (which collects, recycles and informs about plastic waste) and together with them we ended the day with a beach clean and collection of 70kg of plastic waste. So well done!


Monday night we experimented with lightpainting! We got some fun and creative results out of it!

Climbing licence for 10+ Climbing

10+ Climbing had their last class last week. A really nice bunch of boys finished by receiving their K1 climbing certificates and various small prizes for the team competition. Congratulations to them!

It happens

26.05.24 New Student Day

31.05.24 Last day of school

01.06.24 Outdoor weekend

04.06.24 Oral exams

14.06.24 Ranum Derby

15.06.24 Water Sports Weekend

20th Anniversary

Mark your calendar for Saturday 22 June 2024 at 14:00 on 22 June! We're celebrating our 20th anniversary with a huge party!

Ranum Efterskole College turns 20 years old - on Saturday 22 June at 14.00 we invite you to the biggest anniversary in the school's history! Join us in celebrating 20 years of experiences, friendships and development as we open our doors for a day filled with togetherness and entertainment. There will be live music and entertainment from former students, a time travel through 20 years of efterskole with both new and old students, a 3-course menu, sing-alongs and the unveiling of a new gable mural featuring all the students and staff who have helped shape us into what we are today. It will be a day filled with joy, laughter and reunions! Sign up here!

We look forward to celebrating 20 years with you!

Best regards and have a great weekend from all of us at ,

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