Creative Weekend, alpaca walk & sun in Ranum

Dear reader,

Can you feel it too? Sunglasses are put in the hair, jackets are left in the rooms and we enjoy the long evenings together on the lawns. It's the atmosphere of summer's welcome. We have utilised the sun's rays in Ranum, where the alpacas have taken their first walk in 2024 and students arrange gala invitations for each other at sunset. When the sun shyly hides away, we bring out our creative skills instead, which you can read much more about in this week's newsletter!

New at the end of the newsletter, you can read about efterskolelife from the students' Point of View!

Enjoy reading the newsletter. Have a great weekend from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College!

Creative Weekend

At Ranum Efterskole College you become everything you are! There's room for all talents - those who want wind in their hair on the open sea, clay between their fingers in ceramics or peace in their body on the yoga mat. And this weekend we set these creative talents free with painting, embroidery, handmade jewellery and baking. We got closer to each other and explored all sides of our imaginations. Because as the saying goes, the sky's the limit!

Danish is complex!

On Monday, the 9th grade looked at areas of specialisation in the Danish subject. Based on this year's texts, the students had to try to create areas of specialisation. It raised many good questions and got them thinking when it came to writing thoughtfully on the colourful post-it notes!

First alpaca walk of the year!

Spring has come to Ranum - the sun is shining warmly down on Greenfingers! We celebrate by sending the alpacas out on their first walk in 2024, with the students by their side. The animals are cared for and pampered with lots of love and care from our passionate students. Come by Greenfingers and meet the animals!

10+ Project Management at Plejecenter Kærbo

In connection with Unge i Front (DGI), 10+ Project Management has created an activation project at Plejecenter Kærbo, where they performed games and exercises across ages that created both big smiles and sweat. The 10+ Project course aims more at general professional and personal education than at the final FP10 exams. The teaching will be project-based, and students will gain project management skills that they can use in their future life and education. At the end of the programme, participants will be empowered both personally and professionally. They will be equipped with knowledge and tools they can use in their everyday life, school life and leisure time and later in their education and working life.

Images are downloaded from Kærbo Care Centre

Donut Factory in Ranumhus

The Donut Factory opened its doors for one night only and over 250 mouthwatering donuts were made! Many thanks to Jesper and Camilla for shopping and preparing the frostings. The activity was a great success and a highlight of the week.

Efterskolelife in Ranum

Students' Point of View

"This week, us 9th graders have been pretty excited because we had to draw for the exam. We've had a lot of information about the exams all week. The weather has been good for much of the week, so many of us have been outside. We've been playing ball and many have been roller skating. It's like school has come alive again."

- Gro Damgaard, student & part of the SoMe Crew 23/24

Student photos from Ranum Efterskole College's social media crew

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

Dear reader,

It has been a somewhat quiet week in efterskolelivet, warming up for the upcoming tests, both the written Danish and the international tests. The hunting tests are also in full swing, and the syllabus is very extensive, including the students having to recognise 178 birds and animals in a very short time. The hunting team is very excited, as are the more than 60 students who are taking their final driving tests. Young people give these self-selected tests a high priority and it is thought-provoking how much energy is invested in hunting licences, certificates of proficiency and driving licences compared to the final exams. This week, the country's Minister of Education announced that there will be major changes in the 10th grade area, including in efterskolerne. We are very excited to find out if the efterskole form will be a political tool in the "impossible" battle to direct young people into certain boxes. At Ranum, we have the academic and cultural diversity that ensures a broad democratic and general education, as well as a unique view of the world. Dear politicians, we are ready for dialogue and not directives!

We have planted a 16-year-old oak tree at the friendship circle in front of Seminariehuset. The tree was donated by Rasmus Søndergaard Rask's family, in memory of Rasmus, who also turned 16. Over the next few weeks, it will put down roots and buds will sprout. On the plaque is the chorus of Liverpool's anthem "You will Never Walk Alone", which was Rasmus' favourite team and song.
On Thursday this week we sadly lost our dear colleague Tanja Engen to cancer, so the flag was at half-mast all day. The current student team has not met Tanja as she has been on sick leave, but Tanja was a baker and pastry chef at efterskolen for 5 years. She radiated a zest for life and joy in the company of young people as they made the most amazing cakes and sweets together. Tanja was a big part of the confectionery profession and will be missed by us all! Honour her memory!

Olav Storm Johannsen


Oak tree planted in front of the Seminary House in honour of Rasmus Søndergaard Rask

It happens

02.05.24 Written tests

26.05.24 New Student Day

31.05.24 Last day of school

04.06.24 Oral exams

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