A look back at the Profile Subject Trips, football match and show with Mizz Privileze

Dear reader,

We are now officially back from the last Profile Subject Travels of the school year! Students and teachers are bringing the sun back to Ranum with their amazing stories of experiences gathered from all over the world. The students have hiked through the glacial landscapes of Iceland, searched for the Loch Ness monster in Scotland and swam with the fish in the blue waters of Egypt. We take a look back at the Profile subject trips, give a big round of applause to our very own football team and gain insight into Mizz Privileze's life as a drag queen in this week's newsletter right here!

Enjoy your reading! And have a great weekend from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College.

A look back at the Profile Subject Trips

The sun has welcomed our students home to Ranum after a couple of weeks of exploring the big wide world. The last Profile Subject Trips of the school year for 23/24 have now come to an end. We are therefore taking a quick look back at the eventful Profile Subject Trips, which you can dive even deeper into on the individual Facebook pages. Simply slide your mouse down to the end of the newsletter here. You'll find even more stories from the trips!

We win 12-0 in football

We have the coolest football team at Ranum Efterskole College! On Monday we win the last match against Galtrup Efterskole with a score of 12-0 in favour of Ranum. Congratulations!

Mizz Privileze

Tuesday afternoon we had an exciting visit with Mizz Privileze, who identify themselves as drag queens. Mizz Privileze is especially known from TV2's 'Danmark har talent', where they both got the gold buzzer and made it to the final as the first drag queen in the world. Since 2010, the man behind the character, Michael Bjerring (he/him), has been involved in activism and in 2023 received the Danish Artists' Association's appreciation award for his work with diversity. The show focused on diversity, where students had to put their heads together and discuss with each other what the individual terms such as LGBT+, Queer and An Ally mean. There was also the opportunity to ask questions to Mizz Privileze. Thanks for a great show!

Sailing in Rønbjerg

Sunshine, blue waves and 9 sailboats with the coolest crew and volunteer skippers! Sailing has been a trip to Rønbjerg, where they have been working on the skills they learnt from their Profile Course trip in Greece.

We grow herbs!

As we speak, sunflowers and peas, among many of our herbs, are sprouting within efterskolen's framework. We aim for a top-shelf dining experience with a focus on local ingredients and sustainability. It doesn't get much more local or sustainable when we, together with the students and the kitchen, grow our own herbs in good green conditions. At Ranum Efterskole College, we use these herbs in the daily cooking, which the students take turns participating in.

You are welcome to drop by China Town if you are interested in following the development from seed to finished product.

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

Dear reader,

It's been a great week of travelling and the students and staff have been buzzing with stories from all the trips all week. It's amazing how many different things they have experienced and learnt, for example, the Gastronomy team, who have been to Crete, have produced their own olive oil - in bottles with the school logo on them. The new Profile subjects, including Paddle Tennis, report that their trip to Malaga went beyond all expectations and that they also managed to get some cultural experiences in between training and matches. The Beauty and Cosmetics team also had great experiences in London, and although I certainly don't have any insight into make-up, nails or hair, as well as fashion, I have to admit that the students learnt a lot and formed a strong community around their common interests. The geology expedition to Iceland was also a great success, combining great nature experiences, hikes and geological surveys with volcanic activity and thermal springs. The trips bring out many personal stories, reflecting the interests and experiences of each individual student and employee. This makes the stories unique and boosts the individual's self-esteem and self-confidence. I hope that everyone will listen to each student's story and thus strengthen the educational process in efterskoleåret. Just as we have all landed from the Profile subject trips out into the world, a group of friendship school students from Spain have come to visit for a week. They have not experienced a school or a community like Ranum before and they are looking for the efterskole life to the fullest.

While we've been travelling, the technical department has been busy renovating the apartments in Kærhuset and a huge hole has been cut for a new staircase that will connect the café with the creative rooms under the main building. See the photos and video from the big project here:

This week we have also started the Cambridge International Oral Examinations and we are off to a good start. In the coming period, we will start a new period of electives so that more students can get out and experience sailing and surfing, playing football, basketball, music and dance, etc. Luckily, there is also time for this alongside the exams. 
On Thursday, we had a staff meeting with a focus on how to utilise the approx. 5000 m2 that we will take over in August from the primary school, which is unfortunately closing. A lot of good input was received and we are looking forward to June, when we begin the transformation of the creative rooms and the design of new common rooms in Seminariehuset. At the staff meeting, our growth pilot Maja Petersen also finalised her project to create an ESG report for the school. We are not subject to legislation regarding this type of report, but it has been incredibly exciting to see how we as a school impact the environment and how we work with the SDGs, among other things. The ESG Report is the first in the efterskole world, and in our future work, we will focus on how the ESG Report with its wealth of data can be used in the students' educational process to understand and contribute to a more sustainable future. Our goal is to create hope through insight and understanding, as well as experiences, especially when meeting young people from all over the world around the same sustainability themes when travelling. Find out more on our website. We are open to discussing the ESG report and Formation in 1TP5Life and hope that anyone who wants to contribute to this important work can do so by contacting me.

Have a great weekend,

Olav Storm Johannsen


It happens

20.04. – 21.04.24 Creative weekend

25.04.24 Concert - FGU Aarhus

02.05.24 Written tests begin

09.05.24 Ascension Day

26.05.24 New Student Day

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