Full Host, survival techniques at sea & departure on Profile Subject trips!

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We have now entered the week where the students at Ranum Efterskole College are about to experience the world anew. It's time for the last Profile subject trips of the school year! Over the weekend, we will be sending students out to experience the blue waters of Egypt, the historical myths of Scotland, Asian cooking in Hong Kong and the sumptuous cliffs of Italien. But before that, of course, we need to get an overview of this week's exuberant events, which you can dive into through the newsletter here!

We wish you all fantastic Profilfagsrejser and a great weekend from Ranum Efterskole College. Have a great weekend.

Full Host in Gothenburg

Over Easter, time with our lovely Full Host students was spent exploring the Swedish city of Gothenburg. They enjoyed their famous cinnamon buns in abundance, which were a big hit with the taste buds, while they explored all corners of the city by boat tour and on foot through the city's many exciting streets.

Survival techniques at sea

Skills in Sailing has put the focus on learning practice techniques at sea. They are slowly getting well-equipped for their upcoming Professional Skills Journeys, where they will learn hand-in-hand how to work together when it really counts! Well done!

We make dream catchers

Together with the students, we create the most enjoyable evenings together. Every evening, we organise eventful activities where students get the opportunity to unfold their more creative abilities. And on Wednesday, they unfolded in the form of colourful dream catchers made out of yarn, beads and feathers.

Profile Subject Trips... Here we come!

As previously mentioned, we are now embarking on the last Profile subject trips of the school year. The students are carrying suitcases and sharing happy expectations with each other in Ranum, while others have already arrived at their destinations. Coral Restoration is one of the first to arrive on their Professional Programme trip to Egypt. We can't wait to follow along from home!

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

We travel to learn and experience in a close-knit community in deep water, on the high seas and in foreign lands. We know that travelling sharpens our senses and strengthens our focus when the environment changes and things get serious. We can't just go home and we depend on each other. 

It costs more resources both financially and in the environmental accounts, and we are aware that it is a prioritisation and investment in 1TP5Life. We find that the benefits of the Profile subjects, especially in the 3rd period, also significantly strengthen the students' personal development and maturity. The students build on their experiences from the first Profile programme and travel, especially the cultural studies programme and the long journeys. They are more ready to engage in adult interaction and act more adult and independent while travelling. We also expect some students to focus on this last Profile subject trip as a chance to cultivate the close-knit community and friendships, and that this may be at the expense of the Profile subject goal for the trips. But this is a condition that we create an awareness of and thus balance in a constructive dialogue with those students who drag the trip and the subject too far into holiday mode. 

At the time of writing, the first teams are heading to the Red Sea to complete their Padi diving courses and study coral reefs and marine biology, and over the weekend the other teams will be travelling to Greece, Norway, England, Spain, Scotland, etc. Skiing extremists have had to switch destinations from the wild mountains of Macedonia to the high mountains of Norway because a hot desert wind with sand from the Sahara has melted the snow and made it unsafe to travel in the mountains of Macedonia. Asia Cooking is the last team to leave for our twinning school in Hong Kong, and they have been given this opportunity to travel far and wide precisely because it involves home-stay exchanges and we are hosting the twinning school's host students at the end of April. 
This is also the last time for a number of years that we have a spring Profilfag trip, as we have changed the annual plan from next year, so we have Profilfag in October - Theme trip in January - Culture Profilfag in March and finally a Profilfag expedition in Denmark in May. 

We wish all students and staff a fantastic travel week and a safe journey home.
Have a great weekend.

Olav Storm,


It happens

06. – 14.04.24 Professional trip
16.04.24 Reading - Mizz Privileze
20.04. – 21.04.24 Creative weekend
25.04.24 Concert - FGU Aarhus

Join us on the Profile Subject Trips!

We are now embarking on the last Profile Subject Trips of the school year. Therefore, you can follow along from home via our Facebook & Instagram, as well as the individual Facebook groups that share their exciting trips every day. Also, don't forget to keep an eye on the newsletter for updates! You can find the individual Facebook groups for the trips below:

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