Cleaning, wheel of fortune, festival and Easter hunt

Dear reader,

This week has been filled with joy and lively events. We started the week by celebrating the Indian tradition of the Hindu Holi Festival, with festivities splashing colour in all directions. In addition to this, we also took a chance on the wheel of fortune at Ranumhus to see if we were lucky. The Easter holidays are just around the corner and students are looking forward to returning home and relaxing before we head out into the world again after the holidays. But before we can kick off the holiday fun, we can't forget our spring cleaning and an exciting Easter hunt.

Have fun and happy Easter from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College.

Hindu Holi Festival

Last Monday, our AFS students from Thailand and India organised the magnificent Hindu Holi Festival. Both students and staff were invited to attend the festival, which marks the arrival of spring. It was encouraged to avoid wearing your finest clothes as the colours would be hard to miss. There was loud music, good spirits and colours were thrown everywhere as they welcomed spring.

Take your chance on the wheel of fortune

Do you dare to take the risk and end up doing push-ups instead of winning chocolate?
In Ranumhus, the wheel of fortune had been brought out and students had the chance to try their luck and win some delicious treats if they got it right. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, as the students were of course hoping to win chocolate.

Spring cleaning

Easter is just around the corner, and that means spring cleaning. The students have been busy scrubbing and scrubbing rooms and common areas before we start the Easter holidays. It's a joint effort to ensure that everything is clean and tidy so that we come back to a nice clean school when the holidays are over.

The traditional Easter hunt

To get the students off to a good start before the Easter holidays, a fun "little" Easter hunt is of course organised.

The rules are simple:
-Students must collect as many eggs as possible from around the school to win the grand prize.
-All students are assigned a tail, and if their tail is taken, they must return their eggs and start over.
-Students have the opportunity to chase the Easter Bunny or a chicken, and the students who catch them first are rewarded with a Kinder Egg.

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

Dear reader,
The Holi colour festival and Easter traditions have filled the short Easter week with life, and the schoolyard with lots of colour. We started the first assembly of the week with the ethical feeding to think about the question, "What would you think about the reactions to the terrorist attack on the amusement centre in Moscow?" That it was deserved or to lay flowers at the embassy? The grand political game between the West and Russia in particular doesn't occupy young people's minds, but when it comes down to the human and individual level, it touches us all.

Another important tradition both here at Ranum and in connection with Easter is spring cleaning. And today, Wednesday, we have taken the big clean-up trip and cleaned the winter dust and dirt out of the rooms. Some students have been home these days, so they "owe" at the next cleaning after Easter, so we can all enjoy a clean and spring-ready school before we again travel out on the Profile Programme trips in week 15. The week ends with a giant Easter bunny and egg hunt, all participants are well insured and for sure there are Easter eggs and chocolate for everyone.
Have a great Easter holiday!

Olav Storm, Principal 

It happens

06. – 14.04.24 Professional trip
16.04.24 Reading - Mizz Privileze
20.04. – 21.04.24 Creative weekend
25.04.24 Concert - FGU Aarhus

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