Full host weekend, blind tasting, commemorative jersey, Vildsted lake and job bank

Dear reader,

Last weekend, the students were sent home for an extended weekend and are now back with renewed energy. In this week's newsletter, you can read about some of the students' Full Host weekend exploring Aarhus. In addition, you can also read about some of the activities that have filled our evenings with cosiness and fun, including a small taste test and our project with the commemorative jersey.

Do you know someone who knows someone who would like to be part of Ranum Efterskole College? Then you can now send a job application to our Job Bank. If you would like to know more, there is more information further down in the newsletter.

Enjoy the newsletter - we wish you all a great weekend!

Full host weekend

Last weekend was a long weekend for the students, but even though the students had gone home, there was still life at the school. Our Full Host students travelled to Aarhus, Denmark, where they explored the city and had a creative experience painting on ceramics. They also got the chance to have a bit of fun by trying paintballing and getting a bit dirty.

The Ranum Full Host package is our package offer for international students who have no ties or relationships in Denmark. The package includes virtually everything the student needs during a year away from their home country, and it's comforting for parents to know that their child will be well taken care of during their absence.

An evening of blind tasting

A boring Monday night can quickly become exciting with a game of blind tasting! The concept is simple: Blindfold your eyes, taste something mysterious and guess what it is. The mystery food can be anything from a regular apple to something more unexpected like ketchup or liver pate. It's a fun and challenging activity that is very simple, but is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Commemorative jersey

The school year is well underway, but in 4 months it will be coming to an end. A 1TP5 programme can have many ups and downs, but we hope that the students at Ranum will look back on their time and think "what a crazy year" or "wow, I've grown so much since I started". These are some of the things we're aiming for, and to commemorate this wonderful year together, we're making a commemorative jersey. The commemorative shirt consists of all the students' names written inside our logo, which is then safely printed on a lot of shirts. It's a beautiful reminder of the experiences and development they've had together.

The dead fish in Vildsted lake

Not far from Ranum is Vildsted Lake, and this week something unusual has unfortunately happened. All the fish in the lake have suddenly floated to the surface, and unfortunately, we don't know why yet. Vesthimmerland Municipality is taking some samples and we are eagerly waiting to find out what went wrong. Some of our students and teachers have also been down to the lake to have a look and take some samples for their lessons.

Ranum Efterskole College Job Bank: Be the first to be considered!

- Get considered for positions before they're posted.
- Get contacted if a job opportunity is right for you.

Who can apply?
- It is an advantage if you are a trained teacher, qualified teacher or university graduate.
- Interest in efterskole life and our values.
- Good English skills are an advantage.
- Experience travelling or living abroad is an advantage.
- Interest in one or more of our 50+ profile and activity programmes.

How to search:
- Send a concise cover letter and a CV with photo in one PDF file.
- Upload the file at https://ranumefterskole.ofir.com/.
- Use the link to "Unsolicited application".
We will save your application for 4 months.

Any questions?
Contact us at info@ranumefterskole.dk.

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

Dear reader,

Week 8 is usually a quiet week in Ranum because the local school is on winter holidays. But when a lot of dead fish were found in Vilsted Lake and the press wrote about it, the biology classes came alive and the students headed down to the lake to see the accident for themselves.

There is a lot of speculation about the cause of the fish kill, and that in itself is an important formation process, for is it the farms' slurry tanks that have overflowed? Is it a fault in the new surface water sewerage system that is releasing pollution into the lake? Is it a natural process in the lake?
Students and staff are obviously affected and it heightens our awareness that we need to take care of the last nature we have!

Electives and profile subjects have started up at full speed, and the students are now trying out new challenges in surfing, sailing, diving, ceramics, climbing, etc. We feel the spring warming up the school and the students and are looking forward to the next period, which ends with the last profile programme trips in week 15.
This weekend is friendship weekend, and the school will be filled with students' friends, who will also get a little taste of efterskole life in Ranum.

Have a great weekend,

Olav Storm.

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