Back to everyday life

Dear reader,

After two weeks of Cultural Subject Journeys, the students are back and the school's corridors are buzzing with life again. It's time to get back into the rhythm of everyday life, which requires adjustment for both students and staff. This week has been characterised by calm teaching, reflection and relaxation, with time to share laughs and experiences from our travels. In addition, students have been looking forward to reuniting with each other and sharing their travelling experiences.


In Cultural Studies classes, time is set aside for students to reflect on their travels. They will have the opportunity to write reflections or articles where they share their thoughts about the trip. In addition, they also have to produce a video or photo collection based on their experiences from the Cultural Travels. The most impressive videos from the trips can be submitted to our own PVA competition, where there is a chance to win DKK 500 or a GoPro for the best video.


In addition to traditional classes, the activity classes are also in full swing. Here, students have the opportunity to explore their interests through various activities, including rock climbing, pottery, dance and baking.

Video from Thailand

Our brilliant student William has been busy on his Cultural Studies trip to Thailand! Among other things, he has produced a really nice video - you can watch it below!

Cosiness in Ranumhus

With everyday life comes everyday evenings, including a very cosy evening at Ranumhus. Even though the weather was terrible, many people still found their way there on Wednesday evening. Was it because of the carved fruit or the fact that we had the cutest dog visiting the house? We'll never know

Student reflection, Luis

Luis travelled to Namibia on his Cultural Studies trip. Among other things, the students volunteered at an animal organisation and visited the local community. Here he has told us a little about the experience and what he got out of the trip:

"My favourite thing we did in Namibia, was when we went to the Epukiro community. We gave food to the locals, and helped with the children. We were playing with the children, and helping out the local clinic out with meassuring height and weight of the children. That day really gave me a new perspective to life. Even though this community lived in houses made out of metalscraps, all of them were smiling, and nobody was complaining about anything. We put a little boy, about 3-5 years old, on the scale, and he weighed less than 5 kg.
It kind of made me guilty about when I complain about stupid things in my life. For example when the international students at Ranum complain about rugbrød being served for lunch, or when I complain about not having the newest iPhone. It makes you realise how materialistic you can be.
The trip gave me a look into what extreme starvation looks like, which really puts your life into perspective. It is okay to complain, but never loose the perspective of what we have, that others lack.
The trip was the experience of a lifetime!"

Headmaster's column

Welcome back to all students and staff from travelling.

Did we meet the world, see and do what we were supposed to, and taste foreign cultures?
Did we utilise the content of 9 years of schooling and open the doors to understanding the lives and worldviews of others?
Was the environmental impact of long flights worth the investment in being able to relate to the world's challenges and have we gained the insight and courage to get involved?
Have we had a great community experience and strengthened the individual student's own stories about what you can do as a young person in a strong community?
There are a lot of serious questions to ask ourselves and each other after we've all travelled for up to 14 days in 20 countries and 4 continents.
In this and the coming weeks, we will be reflecting on our Cultural Studies Journeys, including inviting students' families to Cultural Studies presentations on 11 February, so everyone can share the many impressions and experiences from the Cultural Studies projects.

One thing is for sure a success! The energy in the community and in the classroom is buzzing with stories of different experiences, which are shared and reflected upon in relation to your own experiences.
The students each create their own kaleidoscope of impressions. And in the academic programmes, they must incorporate their impressions and experiences in the future so that they gain a foothold in their concrete experiences from the cultural subject.

This week and next week, we're getting back into the daily routine of 1TP5Life, and soon we'll be looking forward to the 3rd period with new profile subjects and new goals. Life is not boring at Ranum!

Have a great weekend,

Olav Storm.

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03.-04.02.24 Magic Weekend
11.02.24 Culture and Family Day
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24.-25.02.24 Friends Weekend

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