Imagination Day & lecture with Anna Søby Poulsen

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The big build-up to Imagination Day finally came to fruition on 2 December, with the sale of the finest creative crafts and sweet treats at the Christmas market, as well as a fantastic 'Global Factor' performance in front of the students' excited families and friends. While the students at the school worked together to prepare for the big day, our AFS students spent their final week in Denmark's capital, Copenhagen. And then we had the wonderful visit of Anna Søby Poulsen who gave the lecture 'The Prison in Panama' at efterskolen. You can read about all the week's events in the newsletter right here!

Sit back and enjoy this week's newsletter! We wish you all a great weekend!

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Imagination Day

On 2 December, we held Imagination Day at Ranum Efterskole College, where all parents, grandparents, siblings and friends were invited to a day with a Christmas market, talent show and cultural subject presentations. It was a magical day where all the money from the Christmas market was donated to our charity projects in Nepal, Malaysia and Namibia in connection with the Cultural Studies trips in January. We thank everyone who had the opportunity to participate on this day. And thank you to everyone who lent a hand at Imagination Day!

This year's Christmas market sold everything from handmade jewellery, woven baskets and fine decorations to tasty treats produced directly in Ranum.

While the Christmas market was spreading good vibes between the locals, students and their families, the school produced the show "Global Factor", a talent show where students could sing, dance and play music. Well done to everyone behind the production of "Global Factor"!

AFS students' last day in Copenhagen

Our AFS students had their last day in Copenhagen on Friday. They had a great time visiting The Tube, where they explored endless rooms and took lots of fun pictures. Then it was time for what they had been looking forward to the most - Tivoli Gardens. It was a magical winter wonderland with lights decorating the park and vendors selling festive treats. They enjoyed the many exciting rides, ice skating and dazzling fireworks. In the end, everyone agreed that this was the highlight of the trip.

The exhibition has been expanded!

In Semi is a small exhibition of embroideries made by the amazing students in the 10th grade. It is a WORK IN PROGRESS and showcases some of the global issues that the students are interested in. Explore the many embroideries below in the image:

Christmas quiz in Ranumhus

Do you know all the biggest Christmas hits? We think our students do! A Christmas quiz was held in Ranumhus on Wednesday evening. Thanks to everyone who came and sang along to all the Christmas hits.

'Imprisoned in Panama' - Lecture with Anna Søby Poulsen

On Friday 8 December, we were visited by Anna Søby Poulsen, who gave her lecture 'Prison in Panama' about how life in the real world can quickly take a turn:

In the spring of 2022, a small bag of coca leaves from Peru turned my gap year trip into an absurd nightmare. During a stopover in Panama, I was arrested at the age of 21, accused of international drug trafficking and faced a 10-15 year prison sentence. In Peru the leaves are completely legal, they are everywhere and used in tea to counteract altitude sickness, and I didn't realise they were illegal in Panama. After 3 months of imprisonment in Panama, I was released with a sentence of 4 years in prison, which could be converted to daily fines. But it has cost me and my family £1.3 million in legal costs to avoid a years-long prison sentence. Now I'm travelling around giving talks in the hope that my story can help others and highlight how important it is to know the laws of different countries when travelling“.

Thank you so much for the visit and the very exciting lecture, Anna Søby Poulsen!

Headmaster's column

Thank you to all students and parents, siblings and grandparents who participated in the Imagination Day. There was a good flow throughout the day and, according to the kitchen's assessment, we managed to serve Christmas lunch to more than 1100 guests. 
The Christmas market was booming with students' homemade goodies, cookies, decorations and the big seller was the Christmas jumpers from our staff Christmas photo. 

The musical "Global Factor" was a huge success with 3 packed performances. The interaction between actors, singers, bands, lighting, sound and stage crew exceeded all expectations and it is magical to see what students and teachers can create in just 3 Imagination Days.
We also held information meetings about the upcoming Cultural Studies and Cultural Studies trips so that parents could gain insight into the subjects and the travel programme, as well as meet the teachers who will be travelling with their students around the world. 
This week we have started the election for the last Profile subject period, where students and staff have proposed a total of 30 different Profile subjects. 8 subjects are brand new and 7 of these are student suggestions. It's impressive and certainly hard to grasp for many, but it's part of the formation process towards adult independence to have to make difficult choices. The students vote in 1-2-3 rounds before their preference choices go home to their parents, where they make the final choice together with their parents over Christmas and New Year. It will be really exciting for students, staff and the school to see where we end up from week 7. 

Tonight is the 2nd student party organised by the volunteer parent council. The students are really looking forward to it, while the parents' council is somewhat challenged by parents who did not register their student before the deadline and who are trying to put pressure for exceptions. It's a huge job to organise a student party for 450 students, so there needs to be an edge so that the planning is manageable and the party is safe. We fully support this and hope that those who didn't make it this time will remember the registration deadline next time.

Have a great weekend,

Olav Storm.

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