Sibling Weekend, Imagination Week & AFS students on a trip to Copenhagen

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Welcome to this week's newsletter. Creative minds, great teamwork skills and infectious smiles have been at work since last weekend! And of course, they have been since the start of the school year! But this week you can read about our activities for the traditional Siblings' Weekend, Imagination Week with preparations for the big Imagination Day and our AFS students' final week in Denmark.

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Really good reading. We wish you a wonderful weekend from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College. We hope to see you at Culture and Imagination Day!

Siblings Weekend

Last weekend, siblings at efterskolen were flooding in. The bond between the sibling pairs was strengthened through daily activities such as Christmas baking, look-alike competition, movies in the cinema and mini Olympic Games with prizes at stake in the multi-purpose hall. Thank you to everyone who participated and lent a hand at the Siblings' Weekend!

Cold hands and snow in the air didn't stop these brave students and their siblings from having fun climbing trees.

Imagination Week

This week, students in efterskolen have been working together to prepare for the big Culture and Imagination Day on Saturday 2 December 2023, learning new music, baking Christmas treats, creating decorations and rehearsing a whole lot of acting for the Global Factor talent show! We look forward to seeing all parents, siblings, grandparents and friends who are able to join us on the day. There will also be a big Christmas market from 11:00-16:00. Read the full invitation further down in the newsletter.

Final week for our AFS students in Denmark

Our AFS students from India and Argentina have spent their last week at Ranum Efterskole College in Denmark's beautiful capital, Copenhagen. Here they have explored the capital's magical Christmas decorations, visited the National Museum and the Christiania neighbourhood. They have laughed a lot and shared the days' fun experiences with each other.

The second day in Copenhagen with our lovely AFS students started with a walking tour of one of the most iconic sights in the city, Nyhavn. We also visited Christiansborg Palace, where we got to see the royal reception rooms, and ended the day with a visit to the National Museum.

Students already know the city a bit more, so it was time to get out of the comfort zone and visit a place with its own identity, like Christiania. The third day has been followed by a light snowfall, so there's nothing better than a good cup of hot chocolate to recharge your batteries and visit places like the Copenhagen University Library, Rosenborg Castle and the Round Tower. Last but not least, students enjoyed their free time to buy some souvenirs. Now it's time to recharge and enjoy the last days in Copenhagen.

Headmaster's column

Ranum is dressed in the Christmas spirit and the snow is shining white over Himmerland. Outside, our students from warmer climes learn that snow IS cold and great to play with. Inside, there is a slight creative chaos as we are in the middle of 4 Imagination days. The days are equal to creativity, energy and dreams coupled with community in a flow where the tasks flow together over the days towards the common goal of welcoming grandparents, parents and siblings, as well as REC Friends tomorrow Saturday for Imagination Day.

Some students are completely immersed in the flow, such as the performance team doing the show "Global Factor". They are preoccupied with their lines, playing music, setting up lights in close coordination with the media and PR team. Other students use the days as a creative respite and produce a small part of the big Christmas market or are engrossed in outdoor activities that also develop their resilience and personality.

Imagination days are 1TP5Life at its best, and for some students, these days are a creative experience to remember for a lifetime.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone who has the opportunity, time and desire to attend, and are hosting delicious refreshments, a performance show, a large Christmas market with the sale of Christmas trees and student products. There will also be information about the Cultural Subject Journeys and the election for the 3rd period's Profile subjects in the spring.

Have a great weekend,

Olav Storm.

It happens

2.12 Imagination Day

5.12 Choosing P3

16.12 Healthy Living Weekend

18.12 Christmas Ball & OSO presentations

Culture & Imagination Day

Tomorrow we open our doors for Culture and Imagination Day! Students are busy preparing for the traditional Christmas market and the talent show "Global Factor". Creativity is inevitable, as the students create everything from top to bottom. Our "Global Factor" logo has also been produced by our Media team! And don't forget you also have the opportunity to buy this year's Christmas tree on this day. We hope to see you there!

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