PVA Awards Ceremony, First Lego League & Day of the Dead

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The students at Ranum Efterskole College can now be recognised as the most competitive 1TP5 students - if we had to say so ourselves. Competitions have been organised and participated in at the highest level, both within the school's own framework and around Denmark. On Friday morning, the PVA Awards Ceremony was held for the best photos, videos and articles from the students' first Profile Subject Journeys. In addition, a group of 9th grade students participated in the First Lego League in Billund. Would you like to know how the competitions went? Then sit back and enjoy this week's newsletter!

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24th International PVA Awards Ceremony 

In week 40/41, the students were out exploring the world on their first Profile Subject Travels. In this connection, efterskolen has organised the traditional PVA Competition, where they compete between the best picture, video and article based on the Profile Subject Journeys. There are also prizes at stake, where students have the opportunity to win DKK 500 in cash, and the best of the best wins Apple Airpods Pro.

On Friday morning, a big ceremony was held to announce all the winners, hosted by students Jazz Priyo Jørgensen and Ragnheiður Inga Matthíasdóttir!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

PVA Photo Competition - Best 3 photos

Gro Gimm Grau Damgaard is the winner of the best 3 photos from her Profilfag trip to Barcelona with Art, Design & Ceramics. Congratulations Gro!

PVA Photo Competition - Best Picture

Nicole Hansen wins in the best photo category. She has been travelling underwater with scuba diving to Egypt, where togetherness was at its peak! Congratulations Nicole!

PVA Video Competition - Best Video

Casper Christensen, who also went scuba diving in Egypt, won for making the best video. Congratulations Casper!

PVA Article Competition - Best Article

The winner of the best article was Noah Hegland, who travelled on a profile trip with Scuba Diving in Malta. Congratulations Noah!

Winner of PVA Competition - The best of the best

Isabella Pezzarossi wins the honour of having made the best of the best. Isabella was runner up in both the Photo Competition and the Article Competition. Congratulations Isabella!

You can see the full show of all the nominees and winners right here!

First Lego League

On Saturday, a group of 9th grade students participated in the First Lego League in Billund. They represented the school after an internal competition between all 9th graders. They competed well and had some great projects. The Style It team created their very own website. You can find it right here!

Thank you for the support of parents and siblings who came and supported the students.

Unfortunately, we didn't win, but were nominated in the following categories: Robot Design Award - Style IT, Core Values - REC EVENING and the REC EVENING programmers made it to the quarter finals.

The structure of mamalien's heart

IGCSE Biology works with practical experiments with pig hearts. The pig's heart is incredibly similar to the human heart and when you sit with a pig's heart in your hand, you get a completely different idea of how our own body works.

Ranum received great host gifts from a friend's lab school in India

In connection with the visit of Indian guest students, the school has received host gifts from the principal of the twinning school. Visiting student Toshani Mukherjee from Selaqui Subnational School presented the gifts at a small ceremony in the principal's office.

Headmaster's column

Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead is also celebrated at Ranum Efterskole College, where we have around 40 Spanish-speaking students from Mexico and elsewhere. We couldn't make it on 1-2 November, but this week a group of Mexican students in particular gave us all a good impression of the tradition and the importance of remembering loved ones - family members, friends, pets, etc. See pictures below of how the students chose to honour their loved ones:

Last Sunday, we also welcomed AFS guest students from India and Argentina, among others, who also help to create a very diverse and intercultural environment at the school. This diversity creates a space for wonder and reflection, which we call Global Learning. 
This week, the many students in the 10th grade have started their TEBO programme and are now getting acquainted with the youth education programmes that can lead to the industry or job world they might want in the future. The programme is unique to Ranum Efterskole College, but means that the focus is not on which school you bridge to, but what the school path can lead to, just as the students also gain practical experience through company visits, among other things. 

In the coming week, a colleague from China and I will be travelling to Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao on a twinning school visit in China. The purpose of the trip is to re-establish and create new co-operation agreements with local schools. Unfortunately, this means that we will miss the Christmas cosy weekend and parent-teacher conferences for the 9th grade, but we are looking forward to seeing a beautifully decorated school.

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Olav Storm.

It happens

11.-12.11 Cosy Christmas weekend

21.-23.11 TEBO Project assignment

25.-26.11 Siblings Weekend

29.-30.11 Imagination Week

2.12 Imagination Day

Siblings Weekend

We're ready for the sibling weekend! Students' siblings will have the opportunity to experience an entire weekend at Ranum Efterskole College on 24-26 November 2023. Read the invitation below for even more information about the activities on the days. You can already sign up for the sibling weekend on SkolePlan.

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