It's haunted at efterskolen! First student party & challenging Extreme

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Pale ghosts, chirping bats and scary pumpkin lanterns have taken over every corner of Ranum Efterskole College. Halloween has been celebrated from one end of the school to the other, with spooky costumes for the first student party of the year and delicious cakes and cream puffs that almost dared not be eaten. But delicious they were! And for tradition's sake, a Haunted House was organised in Næsby. They were warmly welcomed by all sorts of creatures and beings. Dive into all the week's many gruesome events in the newsletter right here.

Enjoy the read... if you dare!

The first student party of the year

The parents of the students at Ranum Efterskole College have now organised the first scary party of the year. A complete party with scary costumes and togetherness at the highest level. The party took place in Haverslevhallen with over 50 parent volunteers who made it possible to create a memorable party for the students. Thank you so much for all the parent volunteers at the event.

The party takes place outside the school and is organised by the parents.

Næsby Haunted House

On 31 October, staff at Ranum Efterskole College worked together to create the Haunted House in Næsby for locals and students. As darkness fell, the scariest and bloodiest creatures emerged from their hiding places and prepared to create an evening for visitors that they would never forget. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

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See many more photos from the evening on our Flickr right here!

Halloween is spreading at school

In the run-up to the spookiest time of the year, students, the kitchen and the rest of Ranum Efterskole College worked together to spread spookiness around the school's many dark and haunted corridors. The pumpkins were carved with scary faces, the kitchen made 600 cream puffs and Baking baked beautiful pumpkin cupcakes. See how spooky Halloween has spread throughout the school below.

Pumpkin carving

Decorating in Ranumhus

600 scary cream puffs

Pumpkin cupcakes

Extreme was extreme!

On a rainy, windy November day with 4 degrees Celsius, the students from Extreme went on a little "hygge" trip around the school. To set the mood, they started with an ice bath before moving on to the sandpit by the sports fields. Here they rolled around in sand and went on to the bridge over the river, where they were covered in flour. Ready to bake, they continued up to the small forest, where they walked in mud up to their waists in the river. At the last bridge, they were finally attacked by green oatmeal. Retribution was promised to the students who were hired for the secret mission 😉 You're crazy Extreme!

Headmaster's column

The autumn mornings got a little brighter after we switched to winter time. You could see it in the students, or it was because they had had a fantastic first student party! A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers who organised it! November is the "hardest" month of a efterskole year, because darkness envelops us and efterskole life also becomes everyday. But we do everything we can to break through the darkness with community activities and events. Halloween was scary scary good again this year.

10. The classes go on a TEBO out of the house and out to youth programmes and companies to look into a possible future. The siblings' weekend is coming up soon, and many students will have visitors. In mid-November, we'll start decorating the whole school for Christmas, and there will be lights everywhere! Mark your calendars for 2 December, when Imagination Week culminates with a huge Christmas market and musical!

Have a great weekend.

Olav Storm.

It happens

04.-05.11 eSports weekend

Week 45

First grades visible in school curriculum
Delayed Day of the Dead night
08.-09.11 TEBO days for 10th grade
Decorating the school for Christmas
11.-12.11 Cosy Christmas weekend

Siblings Weekend

We're ready for the sibling weekend! Students' siblings will have the opportunity to experience an entire weekend at Ranum Efterskole College on 24-26 November 2023. Read the invitation below for even more information about the activities on the days. You can already sign up for the sibling weekend on SkolePlan.

Thank you for this time - we wish you all a great autumn holiday!

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