Profile subject 3 Trips

Dear reader,

This week has been a busy week as our students had 3 intensive Profile subject days. The weather was with us and meant the best possible conditions for the subjects. Many students have had cohesive days outside of school, while others have gone on day trips all over Denmark. See photos from the trips, as well as everything else, in this week's newsletter. Have fun and enjoy!

Music, Media, Fitness & Exercise and Basketball

The four subjects Media, Music, Fitness & Exercise and Basketball took a joint trip to the beautiful Skagen Strand Holiday Centre. Here they had individual programmes during the day and a collective programme in the evening.

This was the programme on Wednesday:

Today Music, Media, Fitness & Basketball started their 3-day extravaganza in beautiful Skagen. We left Ranum this morning and arrived in Skagen around lunchtime. After that, the subjects could start their individual programmes.
Media had a mini golf tournament ⛳️, followed by some free time at the holiday centre and a dip in the pool 🏊‍♀️
Music got their equipment set up in a conference room and a head start to rehearse before their recording session tomorrow.
Basket has enjoyed the various activities around the holiday centre, which included a great game of basketball on the court 🏀⛹️
Fitness has played badminton, had a mini golf ⛳️ tournament and some have even had a dip in the pool.
We ended the day together, where #togetherness really came to life! We had a cosy bonfire 🔥, marshmallows, wrote in memory books and had a sing-a-long with music playing guitar.

This was the programme on Thursday:

Media went on a full-day trip to Skagen, where we visited the Skagen Museum, went out to Grenen, went on the Sandworm, ate a large and well-deserved ice cream, followed by a visit to an escape room.
Music got to record their music and had some free time around the holiday centre. The students have shown a lot of patience and talent throughout the recording process 👏
Fitness also went to Skagen, where they visited the Skagen Museum and had some free time. Afterwards they had a volleyball tournament 🏐
Basketball had a dunk contest on the basketball court, had a mini-golf tournament and went to Skagen where they tried the escape room 😁 They also tried a double runner from the legendary Tour de Grillbar for lunch.
We had a big communal dinner/get-together, followed by a trip to the beach and an evening swim in the pool.

Horseback riding


This is an update from the canoe trip on Thursday:

Yesterday we had a beautiful day on the water with lots of sunshine on the trip from Silkeborg to Sminge Lake. People swam in Gudenåen, and after dinner we went for a short walk to St Troldhøj with a beautiful view over the river valley. Of course, with sno bread for dinner 😎. Today we have lunch at Kongens Bro, we got a few drops of water, but the sun is finding us again now ☀️ a lot of students are singing while paddling. We will be at our campsite in Ans in a few hours 🥳


Wakeboard in Thy Kabelpark

Ceramics and Gastronomy

The profile subjects Ceramics and Gastronomy went on a joint camping trip, see some pictures from the days here 🙂

There will be updates from the remaining profile professional trips in next week's newsletter - you can look forward to it!

In the meantime, enjoy these little sunshine stories from the past week

Extreme Wellness

Extreme wellness has been working with their senses this morning. The sense of taste came into play with different flavours. The sense of sight disappeared for a little over an hour and finally, the ability to practise mindfulness to the sounds of German heavy metal was tested. Over dinner, the sense of touch comes into play and most likely also the sense of smell.

Outdoor weekend

The weekend had an outdoor theme, which included a trip to Rold Forest, bonfires and a cosy atmosphere in Rønbjerg. As this weekend is a student party, it was the last weekend at the school for many of the students. We think it really shines through in these photos - the students are making the most of their last time!

Yes, this week's newsletter could just as well be called a scrapbook or a picture magazine. We hope you have enjoyed it, at least as much as we have enjoyed this week with the most beautiful students in the world. Ranum editorial staff, over and out. See you next week.

Best regards from all of us at,

Ranum Efterskole College