Alpacas, Chickens, Whales, Street Art, Activity Days and Graduation Invitation

Dear Reader,

It's Friday and the sun is shining outside. There's a water sports weekend coming up and a fantastic weekend on the water. The programme includes sailing, sunset surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing. In addition, on Tuesday this week we had the best possible start after the Whitsun holidays with a profile subject day. Many of the students were out of the house, for example on beach yoga in Løkken and a photo safari in Løgstør. So it's all about having a good time, now that we have begun the final sprint on efterskoleåret.

This week's newsletter has an unusual amount of animal news, reports from Odense and practical information. In other words, everything good from the candy bag that we've just mixed once. Really good reading.

Greenfingers is expanding

Greenfingers has recently expanded, and that means new residents here at the school. Both chickens and alpacas have been added, and boy are they all cute and cuddly! We've been dreaming of alpacas here at the school for many years, and now that the wish has come true, we couldn't be happier! Say hello to Astor, Djamil and Mighty Quinn.

We invite everyone who stops by Ranum to stop by and say hello to all our cute animals at Greenfingers. They are looking forward to seeing you 😉

Whales spotted on Full Host trip to Odense

The Full Host students spent Whitsun in Hans Christian Andersen's hometown of Odense. The programme included street food, a trip to the cinema where they saw The Little Mermaid and a walk at Egeskov Castle. On Sunday, they also went bridge walking, where a pod of whales passed by. A great experience for both students and teachers on the trip.

Activity days

During these days of oral exams, there is a lot going on around the school. If students do not have exams, they can choose to either have study time or go on activities. Activities have included a street art trip and a visit to Kunsten in Aalborg, sailing, picnics, beach trips, wakeboarding and much more. One of the activities was flower art, where students dried flowers and then attached them to salt dough. The results were beautiful - as you can see below.

Another group of students travelled to Aalborg on Wednesday, where they saw street art and visited Kunsten. An inspiring and exciting day where art and creativity took centre stage.

Invitation to graduation

See the programme in the SCHEDULE section of the school plan

Dear parents and students

Here is the information and invitation about the last week and graduation. During Outrougen, we will have brunch with the contact teachers, rehearse lancier, do a revue, hold the most beautiful gala party on Wednesday evening and of course we have a few surprises up our sleeves.
On Friday, we clean all the rooms and exchange the key fob for a ticket to Ranum Dream Festival. The festival takes place in Næsby, and it is important that students bring a sleeping bag and sleeping mat and agree on who can bring a tent to their room. It will be cosy, festive and sad all at once.


(08.00-09.30 Breakfast and packing up the campsite. Shuttle buses back to school).

09.30-11.00 Parents come to the school and pack cars. Morning coffee for parents on the lawn.

11.00 Graduation ceremony on the lawn in front of the main building, so dress for the weather.

12.15 Lunch and coffee in the dining hall and the square, while students hug goodbye at the Tree of Life in the school garden.

13.30 Last hug and have a great summer. See you in the Friends of Ranum Efterskole

Parking: We anticipate that there may be congestion around the houses when the cars need to be packed. Therefore, we ask that you arrive in good time and that you quickly pack your cars and then drive to the car parks at the primary school and Multicultural Centre or the marked green parking areas. We ask students to carry their bags to the loading areas to minimise congestion in the corridors and stairs.
We look forward to seeing you all at graduation!

Information about Get Stuff Afternoon

Sunday 18 June, 16:00-19:00, we're having a "Pick-up Afternoon"
Pick up items in the afternoon from 16:00 and from 17:00-19:00 there is a regular barbecue at Torvet. We would like as many people as possible to come and collect as much as possible from their rooms to make the final tidying and cleaning easier.

Remember that students need a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and a shared tent agreement for the Dream Festival.
Registration is open on Skoleplan until Thursday 15 June at 12:00.

This weekend

there is a water sports weekend. The programme for the weekend is as follows:

Friday afternoon and evening:

- SundownerSurf in Klitmøller

- SundownerSailing and a trip to the fantastic Rønbjerg Harbour


- Wakeboarding

- Surfing in Klitmøller

- Sailing in Rønbjerg from 11am to dinner

- SundownerSailing after dinner


- Surfing in Klitmøller

- Sailing in Rønbjerg from 11am to dinner.

- Windsurfing

We're looking forward to a truly amazing weekend, and all of you out there can follow along on our social media channels, where we'll be posting photos and videos from our weekend.

This is what it looked like when there was a water sports weekend at the start of the school year.

Thank you so much for reading this, the 4th and final newsletter of the school year.

Best regards from all of us at,

Ranum Efterskole College