Last Day of School, Full Host tour, 2nd Class Day and SUP board

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A week has flown by here at Ranum Efterskole College after a wonderful Ascension Day holiday last week. The Full Host students spent their holiday in Gothenburg, Sweden, with an exciting programme. In addition, Wednesday was the annual 2. Class Day! Students from all over the neighbourhood came to Ranum for a morning of fun. You can also see what some of the different profile subjects have spent the week on. And not least, see pictures from the Last School Day.

So there's something for everyone in this week's newsletter. Enjoy your reading!

Full Host in Gothenburg

During the Ascension Day holiday, our wonderful Full Host students went on a trip to Sweden. The activities included team building, socialising in the sun, sightseeing and lots of good food. Enjoy the beautiful photos from an absolutely marvellous weekend!

Contact group on SUP board

SUP board teacher Maria Snapes had the pleasure of taking her contact students out on the water on Monday. Another example of what a great contact group time here at the school can look like.

Profile team activities

It has been a few sunny days with lessons in the various profile subjects. We've been out riding, sailing, winning CSGO, taking photos and videos in media and a lot more. Here is a small selection:

Horse riding by the Western Sea

Surfing at Hanstholm

Hanstholm is one of the best places to surf in Denmark. Here you can find waves for all levels, from beginners to experts. Hanstholm has several different surf spots, each with a different character and requiring different conditions. You can surf all year round in Hanstholm, but it takes good equipment and courage to surf in the cold water. On the other hand, you get a great experience with nature and the community of surfers. That's exactly what our students got during their week here. The conditions were ideal.


Sailing is a fun and educational activity for young people. Steering a boat requires co-operation, communication and responsibility. Sailing strengthens team spirit and creates great memories on the water. Our students in the sailing profile subject got to try it out. It takes effort, you can't just sit still and be a spectator. It requires participation. It also means you get a lot back. We love sailing!

Great sailing weather on Wednesday. It's amazing how quickly our new sailors learn to handle the boats. Tacking, gybing and sailing in and out of the harbour under sail.
Well done!

2. Class Day

For the 17th year in a row, Mette Støttrup and Ranum Efterskole College organised a 2nd Class Day. It was an absolutely fantastic morning, where students from the entire neighbourhood turned up for a fantastic experience. The theme was "Around the World with Ranum Efterskole", and the 2nd grade students had to work in mixed teams (across the schools) around a number of posts. At each station there was a country theme, and the students had to ride a mechanical bull, sit in a limousine, shoot guns (Nerf guns), mummy races, a joint start-up dance and much more. See photos from the wonderful day below - we're already looking forward to repeating the success next year!

More photos from the beautiful day will follow next week - you can follow along on our Facebook and Instagram

Last day of school

Friday marked the last day of the school year! A day of activities, fun and games here at school before weeks of oral exams await.

See the images on flickr right here.

That marks the end of this week's newsletter. Thank you to everyone who read along and took part in another fantastic week here at REC. We'll be back with a bang next week.

Have a great weekend!

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