A summer school record, New Student Day, photo competition and gala partner

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On Sunday, we will open our doors when we welcome the next school year's student team here at the school for the first time. It's New Pupils' Day, and here the future pupils will meet their contact group, visit their Profile subjects and sing the first collective song of the school year! We are looking forward to it, can't wait, and are crossing our fingers that the weather forecasts are correct. Read more about the good weather and our preparations for the big day in this week's newsletter.

Sunshine greetings from Ranum

New Pupils' Day on Sunday

We are busy preparing for Sunday, when we will hopefully be ready to receive student team 20! Preparations for this have included cake baking, programme folding and extra toilet set-up. We are expecting around 1500 guests at the school on Sunday and we hope that the weather will be as good as promised.

Note: Are you not attending the New Pupils' Day, but will be starting school after the summer holidays? Then you can watch a recording of the joint presentation on the lawn on Monday on our YouTube channel. You can find the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@RanumEfterskoleCollege

Last year, when we organised a New Student Day for the current class of students, it looked like this

Sunshine over Ranum

The sun is shining over Ranum and the pupils have moved outside!

Are you our new chef?

We are currently looking for a chef to join our wonderful kitchen staff. Here you will not only be involved in the daily operations, but also in teaching students in the gastronomy programme. We focus on healthy eating and sustainability in raw materials and production, and aim to increase the use of organic and seasonal ingredients. We have our own bakery and a modern production kitchen with space for in-house production and teaching.

You can read more about the post here: https://www.ofir.dk/…/kok-med-interesse-for-ranum…/…

We look forward to hearing from you 😊

A summer school record is set!

Do you want to get a place on the coolest camps of the summer? Then now is the time!

"On 2 July we will once again open the doors for Ranum Summer School. Last year - post Corona - we broke all internal records, and had 436 participants from 29 different countries, and sold 911 weeks distributed among the participants.

We have been open for registration for this year's summer school since the autumn, and have again this year broken a record for the number of weeks sold! At the time of writing, just under 400 young people from 34 nationalities have signed up for the summer school and purchased 977 weeks between them.

Right now I'm taking registrations, allocating rooms and contact groups, and answering questions from all corners of the world. In a month and a half, the changeover will take place when the current student team graduates and the summer school students move in. In other words, one chapter is coming to an end and a new one is beginning.

We look forward to welcoming the young people and giving them a great experience with new friends, activities, experiences and memories for life. See you this summer!"

Henriette Skjødt-Jakobsen, summer school coordinator at Ranum Efterskole College

Find out more about the summer school and register before it's too late at https://www.ranumefterskole.dk/sommercamps/

Summer School Coordinator Henriette

Ranum Højskole

Ranum Højskole is still a project in development, and therefore we spend the next 3 weeks in co-operation with OceansofHope to further develop and generate ideas.

Photo - Video - Article competition winners found!

This year's PVA competition for the Cultural Subject Journeys has come to an end and the winners of each category were revealed at a grand ceremony in the Festival Hall last Friday. Nigel from the Marketing Department was the host and had the great honour of presenting the winners with their prizes. Congratulations to all the winners!

If you want to see all the photos submitted to the competition, click here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAAuMK

If you want to see all the videos submitted to the competition, click here: https://youtube.com/playlist…

To see all the articles submitted to the competition, click here: https://issuu.com/…/pva_p3_articlecompition_8_articles

You can also watch or re-watch the show here: https://youtu.be/GRafYwmhspE

Will you be my gala partner? Yes or no

Then the students have started asking each other the big question: will you be my prom partner?

Below is an example of how to ask the big question in the best style.

Once again, we thank all of you who follow our newsletters. We will see you again next week.

Best regards from all of us at,

Ranum Efterskole College