World Cooking exam, last maths lesson, confetti tubes, parachutes and an Indian evening

Dear reader,

Welcome to this week's newsletter. Thursday morning we reached the magic number: 513. This means that we are fully booked for the next school year - and that's kind of amazing! We celebrated with confetti cannons in the principal's office. See evidence of this in this week's newsletter. You can also read about a slightly atypical exam, an unprecedented party night and a couple of jumps from a height of 4 kilometres. Enjoy your reading.

World Cooking Exams

World Cooking held its traditional annual examination on Monday. This is not just any exam, as it is conducted by the students' peers, teachers and management.

The examination starts with the students working in teams to prepare a free Asian dish. This is based on all the knowledge that the pupils have acquired in the past school year in the World Cooking course. Students and teachers are then invited for a tasting session, after which they each choose their favourite. The team they choose as their favourite is awarded a point. The team with the most points wins both the victory and the honour.

The students in this class have had Asian and world cooking teacher Ning, who runs this type of examination every school year.

Thank you so much for food!

Last maths lesson of the school year

This week a large part of the last lessons of this school year have taken place. The 9th grade maths class was no exception, and they spent their last lessons together very well, if we do say so ourselves.

They baked a cake from their maths book and, as far as we know, they followed the recipe to the letter.


On Saturday, Ranum Efterskole College visited DropZone Denmark for the 3rd time. This time with 25 tandem jumpers and 3 solo jumpers. Unfortunately, the weather was not with us this time, and therefore only 10 of our students got their jumps on Saturday. On Sunday, 8 students took revenge and got their tandem jumps.

The remaining students will have their jumps (both tandem and solo) on a weekday evening. This date is currently being finalised.

In the meantime, you and the excited students can watch this video from last Saturday at DropZone Denmark, where Denmark's coolest students get the experience of a lifetime!

Indian festive evening

Our Indian guest students from the 1st month programme at AFS held an evening party in our Ballroom on Monday. They had taken the initiative for the evening, which included singing, dancing, snacks and presentations from the guest students. Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic experience and a fascinating insight into Indian culture!

Confetti tubes and big smiles

On Thursday morning, we officially announced that we had sold out all the places for next school year's pupil places. Now the 513 student places are filled, and we look forward to seeing as many of these students as possible next week, when there is a New Student Day. An invitation to this day has been sent out via email.

To mark the big day, it took nothing less than gold coffee flares. These were fired in Principal Olav's office, and we look forward to seeing his reaction to this when he returns to Ranum on Monday.

Once again, thank you to all of you who read our newsletters - we'll see you again next week.

Best regards from all of us at,

Ranum Efterskole College