After-school life in spring weather, concert, an Indian gift, new profile subjects, football tournament, coffee shop and dog news

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The sun is shining, the windows are open and students' group work has moved outside. In other words, spring has arrived! This has given rise to busy evenings, where you have really felt the efterskole life close by. The evenings have included roundball, football tournaments, volleyball, walks by the lake and bonfires. In addition, there has been a coffee bar in Ranumhus, and a visit from FGU, with a really cool theatre concert on Monday. On Sunday, the students' families are invited to Culture and Family Day, and we look forward to filling the school with good energy and happy parents.

Read much more about our sunshine week in this week's newsletter. Enjoy your reading.

After-school life in spring weather

A small glimpse into efterskole life, which is really flourishing these days. A marvellous sight!

FGU concert

On Monday evening, FGU visited the school with the performance "Body - we cut to the bone". It took place in two shifts, where Seminariehuset saw it first from 17:30-18:30. Afterwards Ranumhus and Kær saw the show from 19:00 - 20:00. It was a strong show that really made an impression on the students. Thank you very much for the visit FGU! Below you can see a small clip from the show.

Ranumhus Coffee Shop

A wonderful coffee bar has served its last iced coffee. Thank you to everyone who visited Ranumhus and contributed to a nice/ cosy atmosphere!

A gift from afar

The school has received a gift from Delhi Public School, Nipania Indore. The gift is a Ganish god that brings good luck and was presented by our Indian visiting student Anvita Agrawal

News: Bring your dog to Culture and Family Day!

You are invited to a Culture and Family Day, where pupils and teachers will talk about the Cultural Journeys in pictures, stories and possibly films. There will also be evaluation workshops during refreshments, where you can meet with staff and share your experiences, opinions and ideas with us. 
On Sunday we also celebrate the school's 19th birthday with lots of cake and refreshments and lunch for all groups at the advertised times in the dining hall.
The day's programme ends with a "gift of a lecture" specially adapted for parents, while pupils can visit each other's STEM workshop and spend time with their siblings and possibly grandparents, etc. 

The picture here is from the last Culture and Family Day with student team 16

A group of students have suggested that dog families can bring their dog to the Family and Cultural Education Day.
This is the first time we are trying it, so there are some rules of behaviour: Dogs are not allowed at all in the Seminary House, the dining halls and with the goats in Greenfingers (for allergy sufferers). In the other houses, dogs are allowed to come inside briefly if the room is OK with it.

You can read more about the initiative on the Facebook group here:

New Profile subjects!

On Thursday afternoon, pupils had their final choice of their second profile subject. The new profile subjects are taught until mid-June, when the period ends with a three-day profile subject trip. This will take place from 14 to 16 June. Where the trips will take place will be decided by the coordinators of the subjects in co-operation with the pupils.

The first lesson on the students' new profile subject is Monday 24th. It's going to be great!

Football tournament

On Thursday evening, a group of our Mexican students organised a fantastic football tournament. 8 teams participated and the final was between the two teams: Denmark - Mexico. Denmark took the victory. Great atmosphere at the stadium, with a lot of spectators, good music and snacks.

Act for the Climate

Come and see the exhibition in the U000 hall when you come to Culture and Family Day! English 10AB have visualised their thoughts on how to act for the climate.

The exhibition will be up for the next three weeks 🌳🌱🌾🌾🌿🌻🦟🦋🦈🐳🌍

Thank you very much for reading this week's newsletter.

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