The end of the cultural travels is approaching

Another week has passed and our students have had a lot of adventures! Among other things, they have done volunteer work, been on a boat trip, said goodbye to their host families with whom they have formed a good bond, gone skiing, been on safari and on a city walk at their respective places, seen elephants, zebras and tried their hand at river rafting. All these things are exactly what Ranum Efterskole College stands for. Experiences out of the ordinary and memories for life!


Soon the Bali team will be travelling to Denmark again. Before then, you should not be cheated of a few impressions from the last few days.

Team Bali has been volunteering for SOS Indonesia (Scholars of Sustanance), surfing, making silver jewellery and spending the last Indonesian rupiah on souvenirs.

Below is a video of them travelling in Bali. Enjoy the view!


Diary day 10 (Christine)

"We started the day by having breakfast at our two hotels in Paraty. Then we walked together towards the harbour, where the boat we had booked was waiting for us. We sailed around to different beaches and islands in the Paraty area and had a lot of swimming and a good lunch on the boat. A big downpour caught us in the middle of lunch. By 4 pm we were in harbour again, and then we had free time where some of us walked around and looked at the shops in town and others went back to the hotels. We had dinner together at a pizza restaurant in town and then some of us walked around and saw the old town."


Team Taiwan has gained a lot of experience through joint activities and their host families who take them out and experience what their culture is like.

Diary 27/3 - By Lilli-Alfa

"When we woke up and went to school, we had to meet at the school gate. The sad part was saying goodbye to our mates, who some of us had become close to. They had cards and presents for us as a parting gift, so we took them and our luggage to the train. On the two and a half hour train journey, most of us slept. We were on our way to Kaohsung.

The plan was to walk to the hotel and directly to the beach. But when we got to the 30th floor, we couldn't get our rooms for three hours. So we left our luggage there, cancelled the beach plans and went out to get something to eat.

The food at this small restaurant was incredibly good and later we went shopping. We went back to the hotel and checked into our luxurious 4-star hotel rooms. Later we went to the night market. On the way we passed by the Love River."


All good things from Bonaire. The first team landed in Billund yesterday Thursday the 30th.

Below is a video of Team Bonaire lending a hand on the beach. Every Saturday from 9 to 10 am they meet for an hour of cleaning on Bonaire beach. Of course they lend a hand when they visit.

Costa Rica

Team 1 is on their way to Denmark after a fantastic trip to Costa Rica.

The trip to Costa Rica has included hiking, seeing waterfalls, designing signs for the protection of nature, planting trees, playing football with locals, and much more.

Below is a selection of photos showing what a fantastic trip they had.


All the best from Cuba. Visited the island of Cayo Iguana, had dinner, visited the Tropes del Collantes Natural Park, went hiking and much more!

Below is a selection of photos from their last day in Trinidad, where they went horse riding in the surrounding countryside, and a selection from many of the other experiences they have had. "We had a wonderful experience, and afterwards many of us went to buy the last souvenirs. Now the girls are getting tired. We have just eaten and are on our way to bed before we start the long journey home tomorrow."

European Road Trip

"After an 11 hour night train journey from Vienna in Austria we have arrived in Venice where we are staying in a very cool hostel. Here we enjoyed some breakfast in the sun after we tried to understand the metro system and find a train to a nearby park where we went for a walk to check out the view of Venice from a 6 km distance. We were all very tired so we returned to the Hostel, checked in and took a nap. In the evening we went to a local restaurant to try our first Italian meal. What a great rest day!"


Team Japan has arrived!

Below is a selection of pictures from Tokyo, which may give nostalgia to some who are reading this 🙂


Team Malaysia has been on a Night Safari, visited the Canopy Walk where they saw the rainforest from the treetops and spent the night in a cave!

Below is a selection of photos of their many experiences.

Nepal - Culture

In recent days Nepal Culture has been river rafting, staying at Himalika Camp, a marvellous camping resort situated on the mountainside facing the Trishuli River. Named after the owners' children, "Himal & Malika", the siblings, and much much more! Below is a video from the river rafting and atmospheric pictures from Himalika Camp.

Nepal - Himalaya Trek

The last day of Nepal Trekking was spent in a restaurant, where they ate pizza at the Roadhouse and said goodbye. The trip has included rafting down the Trisuli river, staying in Himalika camp, hiking at over 1300 metres altitude to Gorepani, visiting a school in Swanta and much much more!

New Zealand

New Zealand posted this 6 days ago on their Facebook page.

"We have arrived in the beautiful and tranquil surf town of Raglan. We have a quiet day and evening in camp before surfing tomorrow.
We have got a better internet connection to download the pictures from our rafting experience in Rotorua. We knew it would be a wild experience, but it was perhaps a shock how wild the trip down the river actually was... 150 good pictures will be shared when we are back home in Denmark."

Since then, there has been surfing in Raglan on Ngarunui beach, and visits to the Great Barrier Island and Sailling Hauraki Gulf.

Below is a selection of photos from their experiences.


Team Texas has had a lot of experiences! The trip has included a weekend trip to Austin, seeing a sea of bats fly off into the sunset, push ups with the tour guide, an excursion in Dallas, where they have visited the George Bush library, the place where JFK was assassinated, and stayed with their host families.

See a selection of images below.


The trip to Thailand is coming to an end. The experiences have been many and the many impressions and cultural differences have made an impression on the students and put things into perspective.

Below is a collection of photos showing what a fantastic trip they had!

US Road Trip

Team Us Road Trip has turned its nose towards Denmark, and has landed in Denmark by the time you read this. The trip has offered experiences out of the ordinary in the big world, which we hope the students will take with them for the rest of their lives!

Below is a selection of pictures from some of the cool things they have experienced!

Namibia Wildlife Conservation 

This trip has been an extraordinary experience. The students have been lucky enough to see Zebras, Springbok, Kudu and elephants. In addition, they have been on a cultural excursion to Windhoek and heard about Namibia's history from colonial times, through apartheid and last but not least the taste of Namibia. Apparently, crocodile tastes a bit like a mixture of fish and chicken 🙂 .

South Africa

Like all other cultural studies trips, the South Africa team has brought home a whole lot of experiences in their backpacks, and here you can see how it went on the last day in Cape Town.

"A day focussing on the ocean and life below the surface is coming to an end. The day started at the Two Oceans Aquarium, where we saw the large aquariums with all kinds of fish, jellyfish and plants. Then it was time for a boat trip in the sea around Cape Town. Fantastic trip for the seaworthy. Not so fantastic for the "sea weak". We saw sea lions, seals and playful dolphins. The last dinner in Cape Town has been eaten. It was a three-course meal and it was extremely tasty. Now the last evening is spent packing, playing table football, playing cards and socialising. Everyone is full - also of impressions - but spirits are still high and good." The course is set for Denmark.


Team Canada has skied, had a running dinner in the teachers' room, visited Blackcomb Mountain, snowmobiled and much more!

PVA, Photo, Video and Article competition for a cultural trip

Every school year, we organise a PVA (photo, video and article) competition on students' cultural journeys.
The best overall set of 3 photos, best photo, video and/or article will win €500. The absolute "best of the best" will win a set of Apple AirPods - 3rd generation.

Hurry up and nudge your child if he/she wants the chance to win some great prizes!

DEADLINE for submission is Monday 10/04/2023 at 24.00

See a short summary of the competition and what you can win right here:

The rules of the competition are as follows:

Friends Weekend

During the friends weekend on 14-16 April from 15:00 on Friday to 14:00 on Sunday, each student can
bring one friend who will have the opportunity to experience life at Ranum Efterskole College.

It costs 100 kroner for the friend for the whole weekend (payable on arrival), and
you must bring your own sleeping equipment: sheets, sleeping bag/duvet,
underlay/mattress, toiletries. You should also bring sportswear and practical clothes for
outdoor/indoor activity.

We hope you would like to invite a friend (under 18 years old) to join us at the school this
weekend. You are responsible for your friend during the visit. It is ok to invite girlfriend
or a friend of the opposite sex, but the accommodation is in a common room and not in the
the rooms.

12/4 AT 13.00.

That's all for this week's newsletter here from Ranum Efterskole College.

We look forward to seeing you all again.

Happy weekend to everyone out there!

Best regards from all of us back in cold Denmark, on

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